Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party night!!

Hello possums!!
What an interesting couple of weeks it has been for me lately.
I have had lots of different things going on in my life. Here's a snippet of what's been happening -
We had our family fair for the school last night. It is held every second year & is a major fundraiser. It was a pleasent enough night for it although it did get a little chilly later on.
It was a buzz with loads of people and good money was raised for the school.
This morning I helped Christina with her garage sale. WOW - heaps successful!!! You rock girl. We had a few downpours of rain which kept things interesting!!! - NOT!!! hee hee Anyway, lots of people came along & got great bargains!!! Well done Christina!!!
I played basketball last Wednesday night and was having so much fun then, BANG - i did a calf muscle. OUCH!! Now I think that Susy has a couple of photos so I'll just be getting the negatives off her before anyone sees them!!! hee hee It's certainly feeling better now so that's good.
Tonight I have Emma's 21st birthday party. We had to go OP shopping & spend no more than $15.00 for our outfit. Well I can see that there will be some interesting combinations on show tonight!! I'll post some pics when I have them. I'm sure we'll have loads of fun.
Well that's about it from me for now so please be kind to one another & enjoy your night!!
luv me xxooxx

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