Saturday, October 25, 2008


G'day! I thought that I would share with you my lastest creation. It features BUTTONS!! How I love buttons. I finding a real thing for them in my work at the mo.
I bought the manikin at Mount Barker & decided to add my own flair to it. I have covered it with blue & clear & white buttons. Added some ribbon bling & feathers at the bottom/ Topped off with flowers & ribbon on the side.
Look TAN, I have used that hesion ribbon already!! Very nice!!!!
It now sits proudly on my dresser in my bedroom. I like it. Hope you do too!! I thinking that I may make the girls one as it has turned out so well??!!
OK peoples, cheerio for now.
luv me xxooxx


Friday, October 24, 2008

Hello friends, here I am. It's been a busy time for me. Simon has had a shoulder reconstruction done in Adelaide. We are home now & he is doing really well. He still has a long road ahead of him but is determined to do all the right things. He is actually going along at this stage better than I thought he might be. The staff at Sports Med were just fabulous & his stay there was very pleasant - (apart from the surgery - hee hee). The weather was lovely while we were there. Photos have actually loaded in the reverse order!!! Go figure!! Anyway we have before, getting ready, heading off to theatre and then resting after. Isn't he cute!!????!!
So now things will return to normal for me next week as I go back to work. I'll have to play catch up now!! At least I've been able to get all the washing done, house cleaned up & things organised for Simon while he's home & I'm at work.
I think it's going to get quite hot over the next week. Driving throught the hills this week - it has gotten soooooooo dry!! It's amazing how quickly it has changed!!
OK - I'm signing off for now.
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's so talented, our COCO!!

Hi everyone!

This morning was spent at S & P doing a 'Christina' workshop.

WOW what fantastic cards were made by us. Christina was the fabulous creator (of course) & we had sooooooooooo much fun doing all these different techniques!!!

Christina made a simpler card with flowers (which is not really her) but it turned out REALLY GOOD as I knew it would. Christina surprised herself & did really like it in the end. It's nice to see the 'teachers' challenging themselves too.

It was a great group & we had so many laughs & so much fun. (Tan had to pull us into line a couple of times as we got a little 'off task' - hee hee)

It's good when you can use Coco's finished design as a template to put your own spin on it. Coco is very caring & attentive to make sure that we are all feeling good & keeping up.

Thank you Christina for your talent & your friendship & for letting us share in the creative world of COCO!!

I luv ya princess!!!

luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello there again. This is Jamie's dog - Chloe. She is just chillin on the chair as she had such a HUGE weekend & is soooooooooooooooo puffed out!! She went to the in-laws & played with their puppy dog on Sunday & Monday. On Sunday I took her for a walk too (or maybe that was - she took me ha ha!!). So she is just resting today in the very big comfy chair. Half her luck!!
I'm actually very pleased with myself as I have now dusted the whole house!! Yes & it looks good even if I do say so myself!! It's nice to have things nice & clean & fresh. mmmmmmmmmm
I've been to the shop too & just took over AGAIN & rearranged some cards & things. Nice.
ok bye for now & just make sure that you keep scrolling down, down, down, yes that's it - keep on going!!! (that's cos I've talked so much!!)
luv me xxooxx

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bees, Dandellions, & things.

Sorry for going overboard with the blogs today!! How can so much happen in one day that you want to share with everyone??

Anyway - here I go again -

I was taking clothes off my clothes line & all of a sudden I thought - wouldn't these little dandellions make a great shot!! I took some last year & actually have one hanging in my bedroom on canvas. It looks great. So out I went to take some shots & heard a buzz buzz of a little bee. As you can see in the first pic - Itried to get a good shot of him but he just wouldn't stay still long enough & as I'm allergic to bees - didn't want to upset him too much. OUCH!! So I let him go on his merry way & just took some random shots. Why is it that the simple little things in life are so often the nicest?? Here is this flower that most would consider a PEST but it takes the greatest pics/ Go figure hey!
OK I think that's all from me today although this day is only half done - you never know I may find something else o share yet! hee hee
Bye for now & until next time - farewell.
luv me xxooxx

Hello little birdie!!

Hi everyone!!

This is a little friend that comes to visit Chloe's dog bowl. I was sitting at my scrap desk with the back door open yesterday & this was my view. I often hear them out there coming to have a feed. Can birds live on DOG food??? Obviously they like it - maybe it's like take away for them??!! hee hee (silly me)
Anyway I was able to be patience & still enough to get a few quick shots.
luv me xxooxx

Birthday card.

Hi y'all out there in blogdom.

It's Joe's mum's birthday today & I thought that I would share with you the card that I have made for her (I even made an envelope to fit too!!).

I hope that you like it?? I think that I am slowly getting the hang of this scrap thing!!???!! What do ya think hey?? hee hee

I hav ebeen enjoying MY SPACE & the creativity & ideas are flowing well out there which is great!!

I have a canvas that I want to do now. I need to get some texture paste though - so I can't wait 'til I can get some & get started!!

Happy blogging to you.

luv me xxooxx

Friday, October 3, 2008

Talent Galore!

Yesterday Darlin' Kathryn (who was not well - hope you are feelin; much better today) got all of us together to have a picci taken with our wonderful collection of canvas created for the Cancer Council. These canvases have now gone to Adelaide to be placed on display (in Adelaide Arcade) for viewing & then silent auction to help raise money & awareness of breast cancer. We certainly do have some seroiusly talented girls!!
On another note - sadly I shall not be going on the bus trip to Melbourne. (sob sob :( ) Things have come up that just do not allow me to go now, so maybe next time?? Anyway I'm sure all you girls will still have a fab time!! Yeah.
I have been really enjoying the holidays as it has allowed me to scrap & read & do whatever whenever I want to! It's sooo cool to have my nook to hang out in - I can start a project & then leave it if I have to & come back later & it's still all there, ready to go again! I've worked a couple of layouts for the show. My first time ever to exhibit something. We'll see how we go.
luv me xxooxx