Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day 2010.

Being Aussie is about spending time in the great outdoors with family and friends. that's exactly what we did today. We travelled to Pioneer Park & took the snags & sauce, stubby holders & beer for an aussie day BBQ.
This is what the day is all about - chillin', that was after we had a kick of the footy.
..       Spending time with my boys was the best bit.
Here we are sitting in the shade of a good ol' gum tree eating a snag with sauce in bread!!
It was a perfect day and the breeze was just wonderful blowing around us.
It was just a great day all round

So cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I survived the sixties!!!!

My bestest friend celebrated her 50th birthday on the weekend.
Phew .... what a party!!! The theme was the 60's, so out came the flairs, big hair, gogo dresses, rainbow colours etcThis is our 'family shot' from an absolutely fabtabulous night!!.Joe Bell & myself.The birthday girl herself - Helen.Spud & Kirby.Jamie & Emma.Me having a ball. I think I've done well to get the tongue to match my outfit!! haa haa And the fab five. Just a small chat about our girl.
We had such a wonderful night & everyone did such a fab job of dressing up. We danced the night away to good ol' music & finished at the night club.
Thank goodness these nights don't happen evry week !!! We woke up feeling really good but I must say the ol' body ain't what she used to be !!! creak, creak, groan.
So I hope you have a laugh at our antics 'cos we sure did.
luv me xxooxx

Friday, January 22, 2010

What a burst of colour.

I decided to pick up Chloe today for a visit. We went for a walk over at Memorial Oval on the way home to my place. She enjoyed being able to run free & 'hoof' everywhere for awhile. I'm not sure if there was any grass left after she had finished 'hoofing'
As I was wandering around with her I stumbled across this beautiful burst of colour amongst the greens & browns of the trees. Just lovely, so of course I snapped a shot.
I hope you like it & it brings a little brightness to your day too.
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cape Jaffa.

Cape Jaffa jetty while the sun is setting. Jan 2010.luv me xxooxx

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oops ....... not one MORE!!!

Sorry guys to hog your time ALL day today but I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to have Christina, Dave, Tom & Essie come & stay with us this weekend!!!
We had such a lovely time together and it was over all too soon.
It's lovely to be able to just 'chill out' a bit together without having to be watching the clock to be here, there & everywhere.
So thank you to you guys for travelling over to stay at Hotel Mudge [will be sending total bill in the mail soon !! hee hee]
I hope that you enjoyed your stay as much as we did !!! I love you guys and thank you for everything.
luv me xxooxx

THREE !!!!!

Check out all THREE posts I've done today to get the full experience of the past few days. hee hee
luv me xxooxx

What beauty.

I just wanted to show the colour & texture of the magnolia flower's leaves. They are this vibrant, glossy green on the top side ...... but then this soft, rustic, velvety brown on the underside. Nature is a wonderous thing!!!
This is the flowers on the second day. The petals have started to change from their pure soft white to this antiqued, distressed look & colour. Just beautiful to see.
So I hope you have enjoyed these few posts.
Thinking I may need a nana nap real soon, Coco will have a little shut eye in the car on the way home & same to Susy travelling in the car today also. So bye for now.
luv me xxooxx

Laughs, love & LOUD!!!!!

What a fab couple of pics!!!
We got to experience ALL of the above after a fabulous meal at the chinese restaurant.
Susy joined us for a laugh & drink after our lovely meal. Thanks so much to Bren for letting Susy  'come & play' with us, especially considering it was your BIRTHDAY!!! We appreciate your generosity!! We were able to spend time together where we talked, laughed, got a little serious, hugged, laughed some more, caught up on things, talked some more and laughed til we nearly wet our pants!!! hee hee
It was a great night & we apologise for maybe being a little grumpy today due to lack of sleep!!!
But before I sign off on this post ....... I have to mention the SHOES of Princess Coco!! Bling & sexy!!!! How cute are these pair of balck little heels??? And for the price ..... well what more can I say??!!!!
So cheers again for now.
luv me xxooxx


This is a snap shot of beautiful magnolia flowers we discovered yesterday on our travels. I can't exactly tell you where or how we got these in our hands ........ as then I would have to kill you !!! ha ha
But they are just magnificent and we could not leave our location without bringing some home with us to enjoy. hee hee The size of the flower is quite large & the texture and smell of them just awesome!!!We took many photos of them while we had them in tip top condition to savour the moment. While we were taking the pics, I was so lucky to capture this wonderful image of Christina!!! Love you gorgeous & this is just so cute!! Yes I will send o copy to you as it is a good one.
We had a great day yesterday & thank you for this time we were able to spend together.
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Princess Coco & entourage will be arriving tomorrow!!!
Just a little reminder for all us meer peasants. heehee
Can't wait to see the gang.
Please call around to my house to catch up.
Cheers & awaiting the Royal Troopes.
luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visiting ROYALTY !!

Yes bloggers ... you read it right.
Royalty WILL be visiting Naracoorte & staying at Hotel Mudge this weekend.
That's right ... this weekend !!!!
[For those not sure which 'royalty' I'm talking about - it's Princess Coco & family.]
Not exactly sure what the itinerary will be at this stage but just wanting to let EVERYBODY know that you are more than welcome to pop around to my place to say 'hi'.
I'll let you guys know if there are any times better suited to catch up asap.
Look forward to seeing you ALL!!
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meet PIPER ....

I was lucky enough today to be called upon by a friend's daughter - Lisa & her 3 month old baby girl - PIPER. Lisa lives in Ballarat & was over this way for a visit this weekend.

This is Piper lazing on the floor having a kick.

Oh , that's better. Piper having a stretch!!

Oops .... not happy Jan!! Gotta luv the face!!!

Getting a little sleepy.

Hanging out with Jamie.
It was so nice of Lisa to pop in & say 'hi'.
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello 2010, we're home.

Hi everyone!!!
Welcome to the new year!!
Hope you all had a wonderful time with family & friends over the festive season.
We are home from our holiday by the seaside. Yes ..... back to reality!!
We had the best time. Fab weather, great times with family & friends and so many laughs!!!
This is me and Joe at robe pub having lunch. Walks along the beach ..... what more could one want????

Big 'Harry Snapper'!! Yum. This is one of the fish the boys did manage to catch.

Yep .... you got it!! My beautiful Chloe girl was there enjoying the beach with us for some of the time. Isn't she just so cute & so good!!

Just one of the wonderful views while we were there. Look at that water. Just fabulous.

Well that's just a snippet of what I enjoyed over my 10 days at the beach. Just thought I would share a few pics with you all for now.
Things are all packed away and I've got the washing going. Yes ... sadly, back to the real world all too soon.
Oh well, I do need to get back into routine & see what 2010 has in store for me.
Looking forward now to a visit from my darling Princess Coco in a few weeks time.
Hotel Mudge is back on track, open & ready for business baby!!! hee hee hee
Well cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx