Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deb's 50th birthday!

Well what a lovely bunch of witches and things!!1 How would you like to meet this bunch in a dark alley????!!! NOT!!!
CHOPPER!!!!! How the ---- are ya??!!!!!

Deb cutting her 'goolie' cake which was yummy!!

One beautiful witchy poo!! (even if I do say so myself!!! hee hee)

I slept with this guy!!! Goodness me - I must check my taste in men!!!!

Tonight we went to Deb's 50th birthday party. It was held at the Kincraig Beer Garden. There was a great bunch of us & we all dressed up as 'Welcome to my Nightmare'. We had a whole lot of fun and had worms in shots of vodka & jelly, body parts lollies, spiders & rats and a whole heap of cobwebs too. there were rattly old bones and lots of skeletons around too. It was a great night to catch up with everyone and party on and let the hair down a bit.
We got quite a few stares when we ventured out to the front bar to do some more boogeying!! Joe was the hit of the night with his black fingernails & blue hair!!!!!
It's fun to dress up at times and look silly!!!
We had fun so that's the main thing.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Sandie, that looks like so much fun and the costumes are fantastic. I agree, you are the most gorgeous witchypoo.
Now I feel awful, I ran in to Deb today and didn't realise it was her birthday this weekend. I thought she looked a little tired now I know why,lol.