Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Howdy bloggers!

These are some pics of the canvas I have worked to donate to the cancer council to help raise much needed money.

I hope you like it?? I hope someone likes it enough to buy it!!

luv me xxooxx

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ain't I a bit naughty!!

Hello all you beautiful personnell out there in blog land!!

I am feeling really, really good as I am now on two weeks holidays!! YES!!

This weekend I have worked on getting a few little niggly jobs done that

you never seem to get done.

Now I've included a few pics of some beautiful things. This is what happens when I've finished work & think that I'll have a little wander around the street for a look!

Firstly I went into Amali to see what new things Emma has got in & came away with this delightful set of drawers. I saw it & just knew that I had to have it for my scrap nook. Not sure what I'll pop in it yet but I'm sure that I'll find something!!

I also found this most cute wire birdie!! They come in other sizes too but I just loved this one. I managed to find a bit of 'bling' too to bring home!!

Then Sat morn I wandered down to Hutchissons for a looksee!! I found this angel & knew she was for me to bring home. She invites everyone in with her 'welcome' & stands about a foot tall. I thought that she would be a fantastic addition to my nook.

I feel a bit naughty about spending my money but then I thought 'well I work hard for it so why not'. Anyway - NO more spending before the Melb trip - I promise!!??????

So I hope that everyone has a beautiful evening as I know I will!!

luv me xxooxx

Thank you.

First of all I want to thank Coco for providing a wonderful pav for my birthday!! YUM. Then I wish to thank everyone at Scrap n Patch for helping me eat it. Gotta love those berries!! I received a lovely lot of ribbons & candle from Coco (all blue of course - my fav colour) as my pressie. So thank you veru much. I luv ya all for making me feel special.
My fabulous hubby gave me a "Bind it all" for my birthday. How absolutely wonderful of him. I was very spoilt.
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's My Birthday!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all sooooooooooooooo very much for making my day so special. I received lots & lots of wonderfully warm wishes & they were just delightful to receive.
I had a wonderful day at work with lots of 'happy birthdays' sung & a beautiful cake. YUMMY!! I also had one of my wonderful mums make me my very own special pavlova!! How lucky am I??
Spoilt I know.
My wonderful hubby & beautiful boys took me out for tea last night with family & friends & that just finished off a lovely day. I was spoilt with pressies of Derwent pencils from the boys & girls- two sets, one watercolour, one artist. Joe went in to see Tan & ended up buying something I haven't got - a 'Bind It All'. YEAH!! Even my friends have got the hang of it now & just go for scrapbooking stuff. So iwas very lucky & can't wait to get it all out & use. I've got holidays coming up so look out!!
So thank you to everyone again for your special wishes & kind words. Much appreciated & you have all made me feel very loved & special.
lots of luv me xxooxx

Flog is the game!??!

Well here we all are - playing that game you call GOLF!! I think we hacked the golf out of it & it was more like flog to us.

And we were the ones getting flogged!!! ha ha

No really we had a great day. It was a Kyby V Naracoorte footy clubs fun golf day last Sunday. Teams of 4 played an 'ambrose' comp. Well we laughed & giggled & walked & talked & ate & drank & had loads of fun. It was that good that we may do it all again another day!!

Our apologies must go to the little golf balls though but then again we didn't hit them too much & we were very proud that we didn't lose one either!! lol

Naracoorte has a lovely scenic golf club & we should make the most of it more often.

luv me xxooxx

Saturday, September 13, 2008

WOW!!!!!!!! I love IKEA!!

What an amazing time we had at IKEA. That shop or should I say wharehouse, is just to die for!!

I found everything I was looking for. Fantastic!! Thanks Susy for letting me in on your"Alex" storage secret. I've now got an "Alex" too!!! NICE!! The flat packs are so easy to put together too. I've got a new catalogue for everyone to drool over!! I'll take it to the shop & leave it there for everyone. ok.

Photo #1 - me at IKEA finally!!
Photo #2 - This is what happens when you put teenagers & trolleys together!!
Photo #3 - My gorgeous hubby - Joe (luv ya babe!!)
Photo #4 - getting the stuff I bought in the car!!!!!

I'll post more later.

luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Scrappin' Nook!

Hello fellow scrappers.

I know that you will all understand how excited I am to finally have my own little scrap nook in my house!!


It looks a bit messy still as I'm still in the process of finding a place for everything - b

ut - I WUV IT!!

I haven't actually 'scrapped' there yet - I can't wait.

I have to go to Adelaide this Saturday, so I'm going to go to IKEA!!

Storage, storage, storage!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'll update photos when I'm a little more together.

Thanks you fellow bloggers for checking my spot.

Bye for now,

luv me xxooxx

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The cat is out of the bag!!

Good afternoon my sweeties!!
I'm free at last. hee hee!!
Our 'Secret Squirrel' business has now been unvailed!!
Wheeew. I can now talk freely. (it's hard for me not to talk as my friends would know)
Scrap n Patch has had a SPRING MAKEOVER!!!
Come on down & check it out!!!
Thanks to all the girls for helping out to spruce things up.
And like they say in the classics - A change is as good as a holiday.
Well, we may not feel like we've been on holidays but, boy the shop looks FANTASTIC!!!!
I'm sure it has rejuvenated a lot of creativity, so look out - you don't know what may be created now.
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - how exciting!!!!!
Thanks Tan for letting me join in & feel part of this fab shop.
I hope that you all enjoy the pics, but please pop in & check it out for real.
OK my loves - bye for now.
luv me xxooxx
PS - I've now moved all photos to bottom of blogs - don't forget to check 'em out!!

Fun, fun & more FUN!!!

Well hello all you sweeties out there.
yes, it's late & I've just got home but...........
I've had the best night.
I can't say what 'cos sssshhhhhhhhhhh....
it's secret squirrel business!! hee hee hee
But may I say I've had some damn fine fun with some damn fine friends!!!
This is what friendship is all about. Hanging out together & making dreams come true.
Thanks for a great night girls & I'll see you all tomorrow
(or should I say today!!)
Lots of lovin' to you all.
Sleep tight.
luv me xxooxx