Sunday, November 30, 2008

Emma's 21st

These are pics of our family dressed to kill for Emma's 21st birthday. Emma is my eldest boy's girlfriendand she turns 21 today & we partied last night. The theme of the party was to come dressed in "OP SHOP" clothes to the value of no more than $15.00. Some dressed for style, some dressed for impact and some just dressed in a dress!!! It was a great night & we all enjoyed good friends & family. The party lasted well into the night with some fantastic dance moves being displayed by the older components of family. I'm not sure who may have jad the best time - young or older!! - I think both!!!! Happy 21st Emma & all the best for your future.
This is my youngest son - Simon. He decided that the mens section of Vinnies was too BORING & wanted something with IMPACT!! Yeah I think he got it right!!! The bravest thing was that it was quite a chilly night & he didn't wear anything under the dress except for his undiess!!! Don't you love the work boots??? He reminds me of Auntie Jack!!??!! Funny how I didn't really need to have a girl 'cos he looks good in a dress??!! ha ha
Matt & mum Helen dressed to impress. These are friends of ours. Helen swears that these WILL be going back to Vinnies striaght after the party!! Matt just couldn't bend over for the night & for some reason his voice was a little 'higher' than normal??

Me. I had to pop my leggings underneath as it was a little cool.
Hats were the thing of the night.

Here's our Emma. She looked gorgeous in her Op shop dress, just like a princess. She had a great night.

Jamie with his hawaiian shirt, grandpa pants & suspenders!!! Don't you love the pink fluffy stubby holder??? hee hee

Joe Bell, dressed to kill!! That hat stayed on all night considering it didn't really fit that well. Don't you love the colour co-ordination???? NOT.

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