Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Change.

Boy am I looking forward to the cool change that's coming!! It's only going to 39 degrees celcius instead of 45 - 47+!!!!! Bring it on I say!!!!!!! hee hee
Thank goodness for great working air conditioners!!!! Worth their weight in gold!!!
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


G'day to you all!!
Here's a few pics of my latest project that I have just completed............. a journal.
I bought this fun, bright material from Spotlight ages ago on a special. I'm not really into 'cats' but liked the colours of the fabric. I started with a small vision in my head and this is what grew from that idea. The padded front & back cover I can not divulge as it's 'top secret' and if I told, then I would have to kill you!! hee hee I had this cute stamp given to me & wondered what I may use it on............ then I was looking for that little 'something' and thought I'd be cheeky and use it here!!!
I tried to use many techniques and many mediiums in my project. This was an old envelope that I jazzed up with some stamping on it.

Don't you just LOVE the masks. They arrived today in the post and just GAD to use them!! They are 'Tim Holtz' and just wonderful.

I added some bits of ribbon and fabric to some pages to give it a bit of texture and depth.

So there you have it. I haven't started writing in it yet as it's just hot of the press. So I can't wait to start.
Thanks for looking and hope that everyone stays cool!! We are having 43 degrees tomorrow!!!
Bye for now.
luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Made It!!! Whew!!

Today was my first day back to work afyer being on holidays for 6 weeks!!!
It;s 'spose to be 41 degrees today & YES I am feeling it along with everyone else.
I'm now home with the air con on & starting to feel a lot cooler. My little 'box' (aka canteen) actually wasn't too bad if you keep the doors shut!! But then I couldn't serve anyone could I??!! lol
I got to work this morning ready to rock 'n roll and they have changed lunch times. I'm going to have to be there half and hour more but no mention of extra pay yet!!
I'm home alone again this week with Joe working in the Mount all week & more to come. Jamie is in Robe all week and for those that don't know yet, Simon has moved out.
I know some would say enjoy it while you can but I do like someone to talk to other than the dog!!! Thank goodness for my computer!!! I have a saying that lives above my screen that says - 'I LOVE my computer because my friends live in it!! So true at the mo.
You get so used to the comings & goings of the household that when they aren't there it feels funny. Jamie & Emma have bought a house and will be moving out early Feb, so I HAVE to get used to it being just Joe & I!!! A whole new era again!!
Well I hope that everyone is staying cool & safe and I'll talk again soon.
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Daily Walk.

A big 'Aussie Day' weekend welcome to you all!! I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend. It has been fantastic weather to enjoy.
I always forget that Blogger loads my pics backwards, so sorry about that!!
This is Chloe after she has been for her walk with me checking out the big sprinkler watering the oval. This is where they play baseball and it has been resurfaced and they are still getting the grass to make a good cover at the moment.
This is Chloe checking out the swamp where we go walking every day. She just absolutely LOVES the water. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, she HAS to go in the water and see what's happening in there. I like to call her 'Swamp Dog!!' hee hee This is an old windmill that I discovered at the back of the swamp. It doesn't work as you can tell but I thought it would make some great pics.

This is part of where we go walking. It is just lovely and so green at the mo. These big old gum trees are just magnificent. I drive over to Memorial Oval and park the car under the shade of a tree. We hop out and I proceed to walk across the oval towards the swamp area. Chloe loves to 'hoover' everywhere and she is really good as she stays near.

We head over to the swamp and I keep on walking around while Chloe races into the water. She pops in and out as she follows me around. She just loves it!! And so do I. I try to go walking every day for her sake & mine!! At the present it is a very pleasant experience. Sometimes I have company come along but most times I have been going while they are working.

Above is a pic looking back up through a willow tree. They really do have such interesting branches. All twisty and so green and fresh at the mo.
Well I hope that you have enjoyed coming along for a walk with me today.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Saturday Night.

Hello everyone of you!!
I've had a wonderful day and night.
First of all I must say how wonerdful it was to sleep with my man last night!!!
He has been away all week (with several more to follow yet) and it was nice to have him home with me.
Ventured down the street to have coffee with friends and caught up with Spud & Kirby too. It was so nice to sit back and just chill with good company.
Finally wondered home and did some washing and a little scrapping. Maria called around for a much needed catch up. I was thinking I must pop around and see her & then the next ting you know, we bumped into one another down the street!! So we arranged a chat this arvo.
My day continued into night and a most pleasant meal at the pub with Helen and co. They were very, very busy but we received good service and enjoyed a lovely meal.
We continued back to Helen's house and had coffee and just chatted and laughed and talked some more. Finally wandered home about 11pm feeling good about the world.
Sometimes we need to have a day off to sit back and relax & enjoy the company of good family and friends. We have to make sure that we take the time to savour such simple pleasures!!
I loved my day and hope that I can enjoy another one very soon!!
luv me xxooxx

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Hairdo!!

Hello all you beautiful bloggers!!
Well - here it is, what do you think?????
I wanted it a bit shorter than before and I certainly got that!!!! It's so cool & light. I like it & it will be good for work. I headed off to work today for some training & got positive comments so I hope you all like it too.

So my holidays are almost over - boo hoo, but it has to come to an end sometime. I need some money, hee hee.
O well - that's it for now.
Take care & be kind.
luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ELMO!!!!!! giggle giggle

Look what I found!! ELMO thongs (yes, the ones you wear on your feet that is). I had to go find something simple & quick to pop on my feet because............. well that's another story!!! Anyway, I went shopping & could not go past these darling little babies!!!! hee hee hee
Aren't they just the best??? I'm sure I hear him giggling every time I take a step!!! It doesn't matter what age you are - you can always love ELMO & Sesame Street.
Thanks for checking in bloogers!! Blog again soon.
luv me xxooxx

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Brother's Album.

This is a little album I worked on last night. I wasn't sure what I was going to pop in it but then I remembered I had thes pics of my brother - Steve. Hey presto - it worked so well. I found these cute little journalling tags that fit so well.
I thought these screw tops looked good with these pics.

I love ya Steve & hope that you enjoy this little album taking us back to the past for a few moments!!
luv me xxooxx

Holidays are FUN!!!!!

Well I have been enjoying my holidays as you can see!!! I have been able to scrap when I want to, for as long as I want to.
This is a layout of my nana in her mother's garden when they lived in Mount Gambier. This is a layout of me (on right) with my brother & sister. This was taken in school uniform, ready to head off for the day. We lived in Mackay, Qld. 1973.
I just love this paper.

These are some wonderful photos that Sue took before we headed off to the resturant for Christina's fairwell. I couldn't wait to do something with them - so here it is, my layout. I picked this paper and worked the layout & it was only later that I actually thought isn't it funny - but green is Christina's favourite colour!! Funny how some things just happen.

Susy's layout. Just love it.

Hope you're enjoying checking it all out.
luv me xxooxx

Calendar fun!!

This is a calendar that I worked on two nights ago.
I was actually looking for something else in one of my many tins and came across this calendar. I had forgotten that I had it and thought that since it was '2009' year, I had better get it hanging up!! I love the colours and flower. I added some wooden flourishes and hey presto!! Done. This is the flower - I layered up several different sized flowers.

Some flourishes and a bit of bling - all done!! Yeah.
Thanks for looking in again bloggers.
luv me xxooxx

My friend Susy!

I took this photo at Coco's farewell the other week. It was such as cool photo of Sue that I cropped it a little more and got it printed and did a layout!! I chose blue as Sue had given me these wondeful little butterflies. They are in blues & purples. Then I found this scalloped & cut out paper as well. So it all worked well together. Sue has seen it and loves it too!!! (that's always good - when the person you scrap actually likes it too!! lol) I layered together these flowers which give the layout some depth. I also used the pearl liquid for my dots of the butterfly's path. Isn't it so cute??!!

The large letter I used is a 'Tim Holtz' grungeboard letter. Boy are they just great! I blinged it up with some ribbon and sparkle dots.
More butterflies and pearl dots on my layout.

I hope that you have enjoyed checking out this page. It was made with love for you Susy girl.
luv ya
luv me xxooxx

Monday, January 12, 2009

Coco's fairwell dinner.

Hello everyone!!
Here's some pics of Christina's farewell dinner. We had a fantastic time as did Christina. Here's Trish and Wendy enjoying the night and having a good laugh!!! Jayne and Kathryn being gorgeous!!! It was great that we could be all together enjoying each others company.
Coco and Davey - AaaaaaaaWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! How cute, what a great photo!!

I love this photo of David & Christina. David had driven from Swan Hill to be here over the weekend to pack up & clean the house for the last time.

Best wishes to you Coco. We know that you will be fine and make some more wonderful friends. We can't wait until we can come and visit you in your new place.
Luv you and miss you!!!
luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My lastest page.

This is my page that I made up last night.
Sorry about the colour of this shot - don't know what went wrong there - never mind.
This is a close up of my little dragonfly on the page. I stitched the path that he is on. I cut out the flowers from the matching paper and then I found some flower stamens and added them to give a bit of texture and dimension too. The page is a picture of my nana. I think that she was about 8/9 years old here standing in her mum's garden. While I was at mum's ove rChristmas, I collected some old photos that I got copied. I can't wait to scrap them all!!
I hope that you like this page as much as me.
Thanks for checking in.
Bye for now.
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monarto Zoo

During our stay over Christmas at mum's in Murray Bridge, we went to Monarto Zoo. This was our first time there as it was always one of those things we were always going to do, but never seemed to get there!!
The day was pretty warm so the animals were mostly chilling but we stilled enjoyed it!!
Plenty of water was drunk by all and plenty of shots were taken by me.
I would like to go back again one day as they were doing so much more for the public to see. Maybe I can get a day with the lions or something????
So here's a few pics that I'd thought I'd share.

Kirby & Simon enjoying the trip around the zoo on the bus. We had a wonderful time. Jamie & Emma sitting at outr table waiting for lunch to arrive.

Meerkats!! You just gotta love 'em!!! I couldn't get over how tiny they really are in real life!! They looked so much bigger on TV.

Oh what a nice day for a laze!!!! These creatures are so majestic!!

This was so a 'kodak' moment!!! Mother & baby - how sweet. I don't think I did too bad from inside a bus!!!

Thanks for looking!! Hope you enjoy.
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Having some fun.

My family on Christmas day - 1970!!!!
Good to see that the hats outta the Bon Bons haven't changed!! hee hee
Yum yum - ROAST!!!! And check out that cake!!
This is us at the Mackay show. I just love my Nana's cool glasses!!
This is our Chloe girl in Jamie's ute while he was working on replacing his aerial.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
luv me xxooxx