Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi fellow bloggers out there in blogland!!
Just wondering WHY is life sooooooooooooooo fast?? It never seems to slow down at times. Always something to do, somewhere to go , someone to see, something required of this more soul AGAIN!!!
I wish that we could just stop for a second or two ......and take a breathe revitalize ourselves so that we may carry on again.
Is it just me ??? Or do others feel this way too??? Some may say to me - "But you don't have the boys home anymore!!"
My answer - "No and it's not making a difference in me still being soooooo busy!!!" hee hee hee
I hope that we can all stop and take stock of where we are and who we appreciate and love!! Don't take things forgranted........tell the people you love and cherish that you DO love and cherish them!!!!
Life can be too short and we can too easily get wrapped up in the things that aren't so important really. So , go on - hug someone right NOW!!! you know you can !!!!!!
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy birthday COCO!!!!

Hello everyone!!
Well.... guess what????
Yes, I went to Adelaide on the spur of the moment to spend the weekend with Christina for her birthday.
Thank you so much to her mum, Kathryn for letting me stay & to Tom for giving up his bed for me!!! It was soooooooooooooooo great to be able to catch up again.
I arrived about 4.30pm on the Saturday and got to meet Christina's brothers, Simon & Kim. They certainly are very welcoming boys and made me feel right at home!!
We did gifts (even though I got told off!! hee hee I'm allowed!!!) and hugged and talked crafts and did 'show n tell'. Coco was thrilled to have messages, cards and calls from her friends for her birthday. She even received a cal from her Uncle Harvard in England on the Saturday night!!! She was thrilled with that.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Daryl & David's parents too. All lovely people and it was great to put faces to names.
We finally decided what we would order from the chinese place for tea and boy was it worth waiting for!!!! Yum, yum, yummy, yum!!!
We continued the night with talk, laughter and a few drinks. It was a fabulous time and I was so thankful to be able to be part of it.
We wondered off to bed about 12.30am to get our beauty sleep for Sunday.
Sunday was filled with great anticipation!!! Sharon was coming over to take us all to CAMELOT!!! It was great to see Sharon - who by the way is looking good!! - and for her to 'drag' us along to the best shop!!
WOW!!! You can't really find the words to descibe it?? Fantastic, exciting, treasure trove, awesome, bewildering, fun, huge, rabbit warren, fabulous, etc, etc, etc!!!
We started in the paper section first then continued into the shop.
We ended up starting at the back & working our way to the front!!! Well I think if they ain't got it, it's not worth having!!!! Spent wat too much, but hey - we don't live in Adelaide we made the most of it.
Then our time was over and we cruised home. The girls were going to enjoy Sahron's cake & a cuppa and I had to sadly hit the road home.
It was nearly 3pm and I didn't want ot be too late getting home. Sadly I sad my farewells and off I went into the wide blue yonder!!!
THANK YOU Kathryn & Coco & everyone for making it one great weekend!!!
Happy 40th Birthday Coco my sweet!!!! Enjoy your couple of days with mum & so enjoy that 'pink' concert!!!!!
love ya lots
luv me xxooxx
ps - sorry no photos.....I took my camera but didn't get it out as Coco was taking ALL the pics with hers!!!! So she'll post some soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day card.

Hi bloggers,
This is the card that I made for my mum MOTHERS DAY this year. Mum is coming to visit on Sunday so I'm looking forward to that. YEAH!!!
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Dad.

My dad came to visit last week. It was good to have him down to stay for awhile. He came along to work with me at the canteen. He sat while I worked but we were able to talk!!!
Dad doesn't get to visit often so it certainly was nice to be able to catch up.
This is a photo of my boys, dad & me. This is a pic of the three 'monkeys' that happened to visit on the night too!! hee hee You know the - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ones!!! It was quite a funny moment.

It was nice for the boys to spend some time with their grandpa. We had quite a few laughs & dad got to see the boys houses & catch up with the girls again too. Oh, & then there was Chloe too!!! He LOVED her & he said that he would love to take her home if he could. ha ha Not likely, he'd have to get past ME first!!!!
A nice time was had by all.
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Sunday Morning!!!

And a fresh hello to you all! You just gotta LOVE this weather!! So fresh inthe mornings & beautiful by day, then cool again by evening - YES!!!
I have been up and played with the Chloe (yes, she had a sleepover last night!! hee hee 'cos ma said), taken her for a invigorating fresh morning walk, popped wood on the fire and started the washing!! Phew - all in the space of an hour or so!!
So I thought I'd share and say - 'Good Morning ' to you all. Hoping that you have a wonderful Sunday with your family.
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hi blogger friends of mine!! Hope that you are all safe & healthy & stay that way.
This is a mini canvas on an easel that I have created for my mum for Mothers Day. I hope that she likes and I just thought, I hope she doesn't check my blog BEFOREHAND!!! Well if you do mum, it's better in real life, hee hee!! Her name is Barbara hence the 'B'. I saw these in good old Trev's & knew I would be able to do something with them. This one is 3 1/8" x 21/2" in size. Gee that was a little technical!!!! Sorry, hee hee. This is the other one I have done for her. This one is 4" x 4" and was inspired by watching the Hero Arts video. Thank you.
This one is the first one I did. I just love the fact that you can pop so many different things & techniques on such a small area!!

Now to goodies!!! This is my 'Big Bite'. Haven't used it yet but can't wait. I also now have a Dream Kutz machine to add to my collection as well!!! I have a 'Bind it All', so the two go together sooooo well. Look out everyone - you may all be getting little albums soon!!! hee hee.

Lastest edition to my stamp collection. I have been looking at this one ever since it came out & now I have it!!! It is a Hero Arts stamp & I reckon it's going to get a workout!!

Well that 's all for now on this beautiful autumn afternoon. I've been to footy & collected all I need for tomorrow's catering of the hoards!!! I think I might just sit & chill a little while it's quite, perpare myself for a busy one tomorrow.
Take care everyone & see you soon.
luv me xxooxx