Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What .... only one week !!!!!

Yep, that's right bloggers.
Only ONE WEEK to go before
PINK PIXIE Craft Supplies OPENS for business.
WOO HOO !!!!!
Have been busy getting stock priced and on the shelves, organising the workings of a shop, etc.
It's been busy and tiring at times but the rewards are soooooo good.
Looking forward to being able to help everyone CRAFT their hearts out!!
Cheers for now, busy, busy !!!
luv me xxooxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Have you heard the word ........

yep ..... it's official!!!

Jane & myself are opening a scrapbook/craft shop. WOO HOO !!!!

Look out for us at
41 Sandstone Ave

Our name: "PINK PIXIE Craft Supplies"

We plan to open on Wednesday 3rd March. We will hold an 'official' opening day/night a week or so after opening.

We are very excitied about it and hope that you will be too. We look forward to everyone popping in and checking us out. There will be tea/coffee and pink mini muffins for all on opening day.

Can't wait.  Cheers
luv me xxooxx

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guess who's mum's got a ...............

Me now. I know it's not very exciting but this is what I went shopping for this morning because I had to!!
My old top loader I've had for 15+ years finally gave up the ghost. Everytime I tried to wash clothes in it, more water would end up on the floor and heading out the door than in the machine!! Floods everywhere. So frustrating, so the time came for a fancy new one. Front loaders are so economical and gentler on clothes that we went for this one. Good energy rating & water rating. I was fortunate enough to be able to claim a rebate for the water rating on it so that paid for the nice, neat little cupboard it sits on.This is the master control station!!!! And ... yes ..... I still have to learn how to 'master' all these buttons. I gave it its maiden flight this afternoon and was very impressed with how things went. Just a pity it doesn't come with a 'hang the clothes on clothesline' button!!!! hee hee

So there you go. Excitment in my house over a new washing machine.

luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Give credit where credit is due ....

Well I found out that the photos below were NOT all taken by Spud.
Some were taken by Jamie too !!! So sorry about that mate.
Now I am pleasantly surprised all over again!!! hee hee
Great pics boys.
luv me xxooxx

Is it catching ..... ?????

Hi everybody!
These are a few photos that Spud took while they were fishing down the beach at Nora Creana on the weekend.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with what he came up with. Do he have a bit of an eye for it  ????/ For a kid that has NEVER bothered to pick up a camera & is happier being the subject of the photo, I think he did well.
So there you go ..... life does throw us little surprises at the least expected times.
luv me xxooxx