Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oooooooo GOODIES!!

These are some nice goodies that i got in a parcel today!! Above are some GLITTER brads. I thought that they may look good on christmas cards!?? (If I ever get around to making some that is!!!)
Now what could I do with these little beauties????? Hmmmmmmmm, aren't they nice!!

These have soothed my 'butterfly' fettish at the moment!! And the keys, yum. Don't ya just love the little tin they came in.

Tan got me inspired when we stitched on a layout page the other week at class. I found these templates for lots of different stitches & am looking forward to using them on some of my stuff.

OMG what can I say ( Yes - you can borrow these anytime, Christina!!!) What am I going to do with these little babies. They certainly didn't look this good in the picture I looked at!! keep posted for art work produced using all my bag of goodies!!!
luv me xxooxx

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coco said...

ooooh!!!!!! ummy mmmy, these are lovely girl. watare you going to do with these???? come on share it baby. thanks for the offer. go girl.... good that you are feelin better, you poor soul. well catchyaxx