Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do I know what I'm doing????????

Helllllooooooooooo y'all!
Well here I go again - another artwork piece!
What do you think????
I'm so sure I don't know what I'm doin'.
Anyway giving it a go & seeing what happens.
I'm liking the fact that I want to have a go but then I'm scared that no-one will really like it.
Sometimes I'm not sure if others are just saying what they think you want to hear???!!
I don't know!
So it's a long canvas and the pics I've taken probably aren't real goodbut you'll get the idea. The last photo is actually the top and the fourth pic is the bottom. The others are shots of it close up.
Anyhoo - there it is for all to see.
ENJOY!! (I hope) . I'm thinking that I may pop it in the shop to sell????
luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

WOW.....That looks amazing....I wish I could see the whole thing! I will be down on Friday and having lunch with the girls will you leave it in the shop??? You are soooooo very talented! Xx

coco said...

Sandie, Sandie , Sandie... I hope you are listening to little ol Coco. Are ya>>>? I love the canvas, I love the fact that you are enjoying your art, I love the colours and I want to remind you that if it is coming fromyour heart and soul, you don't listen to others, you can ask aadvice...if you chose to foloow it do it...if not ..don't. Follow what is inside. I am so floored that this beatiful side I had never seen is emerging like a butterfly from the cocoon. I am so proud of you. You blew me away girl!! Love mexxx