Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a quick one!!

Well I watched the video that hero arts popped on last night about making a mini collage canvas. WOW !!! So my scene at the mo. So at 10.45 pm last night, (cos I talked TOO long to Coco!! lol), I made one!!! Cute!! So now I'm inspired to complete one (or more ?? ), for my mum for Mothers Day!!
Sorry no pics yet , just had to tell though. I'll post pics when I finish!!
Bye for now & thanx Susy for popping in today!!! You're an angel!!
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night Roast!!!!

Hello bloggers!
This is Joe getting ready to cook on his new BBQ!! Sorry about the hair!!! He seriously NEEDS a cut and shave !!! We had to pop it in the shed with the cool, wet snap we have been experiencing lately. But gee the shed smelt fantastic all arvo!! He is quite impressed with his new little 'baby'. My mum made him his apron & gave him the tools for his birthday. Thanks mum, they're great! We enjoyed roast chicken, roast lamb and vegetables, followed with chocolate pudding for dessert!!
It was nice to have a lovely family tea on a Sunday night. We got the wood fire burning and enjoy the wamth it provides. The girls thought it was great too, until they had to go home!! Poor things, I wish I could fill their pockets up with heat to take home with them!!
I have sooooooooooooooo been enjoying the beautiful rain we have finally been receiving. With having so little for the year, I am welcoming it with open arms, (although SOME people I've heard are complaining!! Go figure????)
Well I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm figuring that HOT food will be the go this week!! We are down to 4 degrees tonight and only looking at the mid to high teens through the day!!!
So pop on jammies & snuggle up in bed and hopefully listen to more rain falling on your roof!!! Enjoy.
luv me xxooxx

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Project 'Canvas' Complete!

I purchased a set of five mini canvases from good old Trev's awhile ago. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Anyway I had a play & this is what I've come up with. Remember these are only 4" x 4" in sixe. A beach scene, inspiration of the denim wave thanks to Coco.
Spring is in the air.


I HAD to do one with Butterflies!! hee hee

Wish upon a star.

I have then hung them all together from a wire coat hanger. See pic on the sidebar.
So there you have it. My 'canvas' project complete.
luv me xxooxx

25 years & counting!!

Hello all you wonderful bloggers out there.
These are the absolutely most gorgeous flowers my hubby gave to me for our 25th wedding anniversary. Aren't they just beautiful!! We went out for tea as well & it was a lovely time shared with our boys & their girls. These are the fabulous bouquet send to us from Christina, Dave & Tom!!! THANK YOU guys so much!! Bit spoilt I think, but certainly appreciated none the less. Notice the 'blue' in the bunch, oh Coco, you know me too well!! hee hee hee

These are a sweet liitle bunch from another friend of mine. I love gerberas!! They are just soooooooooo colourful!! So I'm feeling very loved & quite spoilt at the moment but my house looks fantastic!!! Beautiful flowers everywhere!! Thank you everyone, you are too kind.
This is the single long stemmed rose that I had delivered to Joe at his work. He thought that it was very lovely!! All his work mates razzed him up a little but that's just a bit of fun, hey??!!!!

This is the anniversary card that I made from my heart to Joe. It turned out really well. So to my sweetheart, I just want to say...............

Here we are .... 25 years on!! Some would say that you get less for life.......but MY LIFE is what I want to spend with you. You keep me safe, you make me feel loved, accept me for me and love me unconditionally!! I hope that I have given you as much as you have given me. I look forward to spending another 25 years safe in each others hearts. I LOVE YOU BABE!!! Always xxxxxx
So there you go, oh by the way, it was also Joe's birthday yesterday too. hee hee hee...... how clever of me to get married on his birthday!!!
Well that's all for now & thanks again to friends for the flowers. They are brightening my days.
luv me xxooxx

Friday, April 17, 2009

Check out those eyes!!!!

Hi, this is me after the latest colour & cut. I couldn't get over my eyes!! No touch ups or alterations at all......... al la natural!! So I thought I'd just share with you. luv me xxooxx

Night out with Coco.

Welcome bloggers to our night out with our gorgeous CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!
What a fab pic Maria & Tanya! We enjoyed at night out at the chinese resturant, YUM!! We indulged & had a banquet which was just superb !! Thanx Davey! Wendy & Michelle came along too & we all enjoyed getting to know Michelle. She worked in the bank with Christina at Whyalla & has now moved to Naracoorte.

Sexy Sue & me!! We had such a great night in an intimate setting at the chinese resturant. There was good food, good chit chat & best of all GREAT COMPANY!!!
Group pic with our lovely Davey!!. Oops, I think he was being a little silly with Coco!! hee hee

And finally, here we are checking out 'The goddess"!!!!!! Such a cute little car!! And it's RED!!!!!!!!!!! to match the shoes, the bag, the scarf and the gloves!!! WOW - that's a lot of RED!! But boy can she pull it off. lol

And then, all too soon, our time was over and Coco was gone!! We had a great time together and we crammed in a lot for such a short visit!! Travel home safe and we'll see you again real soon.
Lots of loving to ya!!
luv me xxooxx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our day at Robe.

We took a trip to Robe on Sunday. It was an absolutely beautiful day!!! We drove around and checked out some houses that Jamie has helped to build and saw where he 'lives' while working in Robe each week. We had a stop at the wharf/mariner and bought some fish and chips for lunch. This is at the mariner.

Overlooking the bay. I just love these trees. There is something about them being by the sea.
We travelled down to Longbeach and had lunch on the beach. It was just great to let Chloe go for a run and splash in the sea. I think I got wetter than she did!!! We decided to go to the icecream shop for a well deserved icecream. This is Jamie and Emma enjoying their ice cream & shake.

Chloe had a ball travelling in the back of the ute!! She loves going for a drive & soooooo enjoyed being able to get her feet wet in the sea.

We had such a wonderful day!!! On the way home we called into Kirby's Mum & Dad's place for a cuppa. We also got to see the kids as they were there visiting too.
Finally we cruised on home.
So that was our day at the beach.
luv me xxooxx

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holidays, classes, cards & things.......

Hey to you all.
Made this card tonight to send to my sister. Her mother in law passed away & I wanted to make something nice. I used my new 12" die & embosser from Spellbinders. Thought it may look good folded in half & popped down the side of a card. This is the inside of the card.
I am now on holidays!!! yeah!!! Although they are looking like being busy ones but that's fine. They're going to be busy catching up with friends!!! FANTASTIC!!!!
I've also been getting things ready to do a few classes at the shop. Starting off small & building up maybe????? That's if anyone comes along!!!! ha, won't that be funny if NO-ONE does!!! oh well.... we'll see what happens.
I hope that all have a wonderful Easter and stay safe.
Bye for now .
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Weekend.

Hello to you all!!
I've had a great weekend. My friend Helen had to go to Adelaide to pick her daughter Tash up from the airport. She has been in Tewantin QLD for a couple of weeks & was coming on home. Her flight came in about 8.30pm so we headed off for the day. It was nice just the two of us. We left Naracoorte about 10.15am. We stopped at Tinty for a much welcomed cuppa & continued onto Murray Bridge for lunch. We went to Lays pub and had a fab meal. We even popped a whole dollar in the pokies, I lost mine but Helen had a return of $3.00!!!
We hit Adelaide about 3.00pm , so headed to Marion for a movie. We picked - 'Monsters V Aliens' to see, the new kids movie out at the mo. It was fantastic as it was in 3D!!!! Yes we had to wear those silly glasses (it's just as well I wasn't wearing a white jacket as they would have thought I was a nutty professor!! hee hee) but it was fun!! Big kids aren't we???!!! It was just nice to have a bit of harmless fantasy for a few hours.
Then we ventured off to Glenelg for a look at the harbour & walk along the beach front. We came across a few weddings and some very, very long stretch limos. We decided NOT to partake of the 'Lobster Mornay" as we thought that at $100.00 a small plate was a little pricey!!!!! The views were stunning though and this pic below is one off my mobile (not overly clear!). The sunset wa just glorious!! This is just ONE of the many luxury cruisers (best not call them 'boats' hee hee) that were moored at the mariner. I thought this may give Joe an idea of what he may like when he purchases his!!!! (ha, ha in his dreams!!).

By this time we thought that we better head off to the airport to await the arrival of Tash. There we caught a small toasted sandwich and watched other people coming & going. It wasn't long before Tash had arrived and we were collecting her bags. We caught some Maccas for Tash and called into Murray Bridge to see my Mum. We had a quick cuppa & continued on our way to be home at about 1.30am. Not much traffic on the road and good company!!
Spent today just chilling out a bit and catching up with Joe's mum & auntie.
Looking forward to the short week, only 4 days - yeah!!! Then there is Easter and school holidays!!! YES!!!!!! I love my job!!! hee hee
So there you have it for another weekend from me.
Bye for now,
luv me xxooxx