Sunday, November 16, 2008


One day I'll get to load my photos in the right order not BACK TO FRONT!!!!!lol
What a wonderful day yesterday was for me! It started with going to Joe's mums for her garage sale. We popped some stuff in of our own so it was good to sell off some unwanted items!! Then I called into the shop (Scrap n Patch) to say hi. Coco was there along with Tan & we chatted & laughed (of course) & somehow we ended up decideing to go out for chinese!!! Don't ya just LOVE spur of the moment things!!! It certainly keeps life interesting. So then I had to go home & prepare for my Shariah party. This went well & was a very pleasant arvo. Then came the time to GLAM ON UP GIRL - for my hot date!! hee hee
I think I shocked EVERYONE. I wore a dress. Yes you read it right - a DRESS!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooo cool & I popped on my little bling shoes and added some more bling to me & there you have it - ready to PARRRRRRTAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coco looked awesome! We were two hot chickies!!! lol (well we thought soooo!!). We had a fabulous meal at the Chinese & were served by our beautiful Tan & girls. We loved your little black apron Tan. Then we ventured down to the Kincraig for a few more drinks. We danced a little & wandered home about 1.30 am to leave Tan dancing the night away with Vanessa.
You know sometimes we just don't do these little things together often enough 'cos it was so nice to hang out & talk & LAUGH!!!! Thank you for a great night!!!
This is a great shot of Christina & Emma. Emma is my eldest boy's (Jamie) girlfriend. We caught up with them last night at the pub. It was nice that they stayed & had a chat for a bit.

Boy this is serious!!!! Sorry it's a bit blurry but I had to include it to show that we were really into it!!! Don't know what but it must have been good!!!lol
This is Jamie & friend - NICKO!!!! They joined us for a little spot of entertainment.

SORRY MY DARLIN' !!!!!! You said if I posted it I would be DEAD - so I just popped in a little bit. Hee hee, ain't I just toooooooooooooooooo BAD!!!!!!!

Well here we are just chillin' out at the Chinese Resturant, enjoying & savouring a 'Banquet for Two'. And it was just yummy YUMMY!!! We had fab service- thanx Tan & girls and then towards the end of the evening there - beautiful Davey came out for a chat!! Laugh, he's so funny!! Davey & I actually got introduced to one another as no-one realised that that hadn't been done before. So thank you Davey for the warm welcome!!! I even tried chop sticks!!!
luv me xxooxx


coco said...

Thanks for the great date honey!!! I will see you about that !!! picture but... all in all it was a great night.Dave's mobile was switched off and sitting in the lounge aswas the home phone so yeh, that's why he didn't hear it. I did mention that when I offered a lift when he was out i actually make sure the phone is next to the bed. Oh well, I got home but.. paid for the pirvelidge. The other photos came out nice. I didn' treaslise that there was a fish tank behind me tho in the restaurant. Gee how observant..not.
I bet Nicko felt terrible yesterday. Never mind.
WEll have a great day. See ya Coco

Donna Maria said...

Looks like you had a great time Sandie.......REALLY enjoyed the photo's.....ohhhhhh now I miss home!!!!!!

susy said...

Sounds like a great night. You two look gorgeous, love the hair. It's fun to get all blinged up occasionaly. Sorry I didn't make the Shariah party. only got the message 15 minutes befoer it was due to start and had made other plans, would have been fun if I had of known earlier.