Saturday, November 1, 2008

Catching up.

Howdy doody to everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Pics included show sunset & sunrise at Murray Bridge the other week. I'm not sure that they're real good quality photos though. I think I may have to talk to Susy girl about that - yeah!! lol
Flowers are from one of the beautiful trees outside of Sports Med in Adelaide. Pretty hey?
This week has been a bit of a funny one - we have had a teacher's strike on Thursday but I still worked catching up on things. Then I had such a busy day today - I think everyone was making up for not being open Wednesday & Thursday this week!!! Good for business though.
It was World Teacher's Day today & I did up a morning tea for them which they all enjoyed. I even made some vanilla slice thanks to Sue giving me the confidence to give it a go. Everyone said it was nice!! Thanks Sue.
The big news of the week was that I played basketball on Wednesday night. OMG!!!! It is amazing how quickly it all comes back!! I was conned into filling in for the teachers side as they were short on players this week. I did enjoy myself though & made a fool of myself by doing the big 'fall over my own shadow'!!!! never mind - someone has to provide the entertainment!! lol
hee hee!! I haven't played for about 4 years but looks like I may be back !!!!! I was a little stiff & sore today though finding muscles I forgot I had!!!!
I actually have a free weekend this weekend - nothing booked in at all - YIPEE!!!! First time for ages - what can I do??????? Well you know it will end up being washing & dusting & dishes & vacuuming and........and......... and..... ho hum - never mind it's got to be done!!
Ok that's it for the mo. Stay safe & enjoy.
luv me xxooxx

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