Thursday, August 27, 2009

Light my way......

This is a mini canvas that I have created for the art gallery market day this Saturday. This canvas came with its own little easel & I just HAD to do something on it!!! It only stands about 3" high & 2" wide.

Do you like what I have done? This is a new stamp that I found from somewhere & thought this lended itself to my mini canvas perfectly.
I stamped the image first & embossed in black on the canvas, then I stamped it again on plastic film & embossed in white. I then cut out the white light house & mounted it on canvas. I used a piece of denim for the waves tipped with white embossing, added a bird, star and of course some bling!!!
Come on down to the art gallery Saturday morning for the market day & check out what everyone else has created to sell.
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Strawberry Kisses........

Well my friends ...... this will one day be the most beautiful strawberry you have ever seen!!!
This is one of many of my strawberry plants starting to flower!! YUMMY!!!
I have wanted to grow strawberries for awhile now but never actually gone about getting it don. Joe was wrecking an old place & brought home a double cement washing trough. Fantastic, just the thing for my strawberry patch. So I was to the nursery as quick as a flash & purchased some cool looking plants. I mixed in some home made mulch/fertilizer, added some bean straw & hey presto ....... I had ny very fown strawberry patch. They look really healthy & I have got them in the perfect spot to get good sun most of the day. The weather has done most of the watering as we have been lucky to have been getting some rain this winter!!

So there you have it. Maybe if you call around someday, I'll let you taste my very own delicious home grown strawberries!!!
Strawberry kisses to you all.
luv me xxooxx

Friday, August 21, 2009


hello all you beautiful people out there in blog land.

Well .... another week has passed us by. Boy how the time can go. We are now half way through the school term and if the second half goes as fast as the first well goodbye September!!!
I had a good day at work today & experienced four seasons of weather too!! We had it all - wind, sunshine, rain and dark clouds. Of course it HAD to rain at lunch time but it didn't last long and the kids were able to still get out & play.
I've done the dishes now after cutting up all the salad goodies for footy tomorrow. I'm working in the kitchen as convenor and it's an all day thing. I'm looking forward to it as it's my LAST ONE!! Yeahawwwwwww!!! Going off the Ladies Committee as I feel I've done my bit for now after 5-6 years on.
The house is now and cosy warm as we now have the fire burning nicely. We haven't it burning all week as the weather has been very pleasant. Beautiful days and warm nights, I can't believe it's still winter!! Spring is on it's way.
Must be geting busy crafting as the art gallery here is hosting a market day for people to sell their artie wares. A few of us girls are going to run a stall with all sorts of different things. So I hope that lots of people turn up & we have success in selling our beautiful things.
It will be a busy weekend as my youngest son will be moving into his first home!!! He & Kirby are sooooooooooooooo excited & I can't blame them as it's such a great feeling. I am excited for them too & can't wait for them to be in their and enjoying the extra room.
I am also working on taking some photos so I can pick a good one for our first Photography Club Challenge - 'Home is where the heart is'. Not real sure exactly what I'm going to do yet but have been mucking around with a few ideas. I don't feel that I'm that good at it yet but I'm sure willing to learn & I'm in the right club to do that!!!
I am looking forward to Sunday & just having a little chill out and relax. I wonder what all you guys are going to be up to??? Something fun & enjoyable I hope!!
Well I love my hubby, my boys and all my wonderful friends!!!
Stay safe & healthy.
luv me xxooxx

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Robyn!!

Well bloggers, here's the reason for our dress up kit. Robyn Norman is 50 !!! Woo hoo!! Bless you Sister!! Anyone for a fairy kiss????
Sister Helen & fairy Sandie.

Now this is a little scary!!! Joe Bell as a wizard!!! Mmmmmmm. I sleep with this guy!!!

The wonderful couple!!! Theme for the party was Sinner or Saint. I wonder which one is which???? hee hee

We had a fantastic night. The company was great, the music was fab and the night was the best!!! It's fun to dress up and let your hair down. We ended up at Shapes and got bused home at about 3.30am. Had a fabulous lightning show on the way home. I must learn how to snap some of those images. After a little chill, off to bed & sleeping by about 4am.
The kids woke us up this morning about 10am and haven't felt too bad all day. Just as well we don't have to do this too often. hee hee
Thanks for checking in guys.
luv me xxooxx

Friday, August 14, 2009

Second Time Around.

Well my dear bloggers, as you cansee from my new header pic, I have completed another page for this month's Scraperlicious Challenge. I really had loads of fun with this one. I decided to use a different colour other than blue for this layout. If I feel like it, you never know I may even get a THIRD one done!!!!
Now that may be way TOO MUCH of ME!!!!! This is a close up of the top corner.
So I hope all you girls are having fun creating something about 'YOU'.
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's ALL about "ME" !!!!

Hi guys & gals!!
This is my lastest page for our scrap challenge group. We had to create a page about ourselves. Challenging!!! But I actually really did enjoy completing this page.
I hope that you enjoy it.
luv me xxooxx

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dad's Visit

Hi bloggers!!! This is my Dad & his wife Betty.
They come down on Friday for a weekend visit. It was great to have them stay with us. We toured Naracoorte a bit showing some of the changes & new housing around. We ate FAR TOO MUCH!!!! It was good food but boy - I don't think I have to eat this week!! ha ha We laughed & talked, shopped, did some cards and just sat around hanging out together. This is my Dad with the stained glass window he made for me. As you can see, it's (of course!!) a butterfly & it's blue!!! L just LOVE it!! So pretty & he is a very clever man. It made to fit in my kitchen window frame. I'm planning for Dad to make me more!!!
A closer look.

AND ..... this is Dad with the shelves he made me for my mounted stamps. How FABULOUS!!!! I asked Dad if he could build me something as he likes to tinker & do small jobs!! I thought that is was going to be big enough for heaps MORE stamps but .....hmmmmmm???? I kinda filled it up pretty good already!!! hee hee hee

So I am one very lucky girl!!! It was a great weekend all together with the boys & girls too (and Chloe!!). It was a bit sad to see them go this morning but they'll just have to visit again.
So thanks for popping by. See you again soon.
luv me xxooxx