Friday, June 13, 2008

Pink Tutu

Well guys & girls, here we GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Just 'cos you asked sooooooo nicely Susy girl - just for you.............
the PINK TUTU!!!!!!
It's so funny but it was mentioned today at work too. I was doing some catering for a Student Support Expo & it came up in conversation.
Fancy that.
Speaking of Princesses (as you most certainly are when you mention tutus! hee hee), I went to the tables at Rooms for Relaxation as usual this arvo & I was treated to a FREE manicure. It was just fantastic!! I was made to me feel like a princess & my hands are sooo smooth. It was nice & relaxing, si if anyone is out for a treat, be sure to go & check it out.
OK - enough delaying - here we go.
Enjoy the pics.
luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Wow Sandie that is one pink tutu....You look fantastic I want one!!!!!!

susy said...

You rock.

Tan said...

Your just way too cool Sandie. Love that pink tutu. Must be time to bring it out and wear it again soon. Taylah has scrapbooked a photo of you in your tutu with her and some of her friends at school. I think it was for wacky day or something. Must get her to show you one day.
luv Tan