Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm so excited!!

Hello everybody! I hope that you are all enjoying the long weekend, yeah!!
I am quite excited as my new ensuite is coming along & nearing completion at last!! I didn't think that anyone could get sooo excited about a flushing toilet, but I am.
We now have the toilet flushing, the shower a goer & today my new handbasin is in, connected & has water flowing from it's spout.
Tomorrow we will finish off the tiling & install our lovely mirror & just fiddle with a few niggly bits that need to be done & then I'll give it a good clean. Then, hey presto.......... I'll have my beautiful new ensuite.
Thank you to my fab hubby Joe for working so hard to give it to me. I appreciate everything you do for me.
Went out for tea with friends tonight & enjoyed just being able to enjoy some good food & good company.
I've got m mum coming down fro Murray Bridge tomorrow to spend the day, so I'm enjoying seeing her.
Well I shall sign off for now. Take care & enjoy the break.
luv me xxooxx

1 comment:

susy said...

Enjoy the flush,lol. Nice photos, love sunsets, not too sure about all the feet soaking though, a few suspect characters there I think,lol. Now Sandie pink tutu girl, were is it???we want pink tutu photos please.
And no, not too naughty at all, we've got to be entertained somehow :-) stops it getting boring. Cheers.