Monday, June 30, 2008

New Addition!!

Well, here she is - this is Chloe!

She is 11 weeks old & a beautiful chocolate colour.

She has had a bath, a play, a sleep or two or three & a few wee wees on the floor!!!

She will learn to go outside soon!! She is very placid & quite gorgeous.

Bye for now - I'm teaching Jamie to how to clean the floor!! hee hee.

luv me xxooxx


susy said...

OMG she is beautiful Sandie. glad you are teaching the boys to clean up after her,lol.

Donna Maria said...

She is sooooo beautiful Sandie... I wish I could get a dog for me and the boys but DH like's his garden in one piece and I just can't convince him to change his mind! STUBBON!!!

coco said...

hi sandie, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ooh yes you too darlin but i mean the pooch!!
We too have a neew dog, umm best be gettin a picture on the blog heh.Her name is Esse, yes it is because Tom follows his Bombers , well it's his dog. Yours is delish, what a beautiful colour. A bit like my favourite lippy. God im sickxx love COCOxxx