Thursday, June 12, 2008

Havin' Fun!

I went to scrapbooking class last night & had sooooo much fun. I really needed to have a good laugh & be a little silly. I hope that I didn't annoy everyone else there too much.
I'm looking forward to the weekend. We have a bye in footy so I get to have a weekend home again!! Tomorrow will be a busy one for me. I've got my usual busy day plus catering for an Expo being held at the school too. Well they say there is no rest for the wicked & I just hope that I bloomin' enjoyed it - when I was doing whatever wicked things that I miust have done in a past life!! ha ha
ok guys - I'm going to sit & have a little relax.
Bye for now & take care.
luv me xxooxx

1 comment:

Donna Maria said...

Oh Sandie I remember how silly and fun a class could get! Hope you are coming to next weeks class I want to join in!!!!