Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Hairdo!!

Hello all you beautiful bloggers!!
Well - here it is, what do you think?????
I wanted it a bit shorter than before and I certainly got that!!!! It's so cool & light. I like it & it will be good for work. I headed off to work today for some training & got positive comments so I hope you all like it too.

So my holidays are almost over - boo hoo, but it has to come to an end sometime. I need some money, hee hee.
O well - that's it for now.
Take care & be kind.
luv me xxooxx

1 comment:

coco said...

Welll helooooo sexy legs.

the hair so....suits you short. Mine does too, id love long hair but it dont suit me.
I love what you have done. It will be heaps cooler in the canteen too. You have a 42 degree day next week. Dave said sorry , he looked at the long he plans the weather. got some things fixed in the house today so i am smilinxxx coco