Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Made It!!! Whew!!

Today was my first day back to work afyer being on holidays for 6 weeks!!!
It;s 'spose to be 41 degrees today & YES I am feeling it along with everyone else.
I'm now home with the air con on & starting to feel a lot cooler. My little 'box' (aka canteen) actually wasn't too bad if you keep the doors shut!! But then I couldn't serve anyone could I??!! lol
I got to work this morning ready to rock 'n roll and they have changed lunch times. I'm going to have to be there half and hour more but no mention of extra pay yet!!
I'm home alone again this week with Joe working in the Mount all week & more to come. Jamie is in Robe all week and for those that don't know yet, Simon has moved out.
I know some would say enjoy it while you can but I do like someone to talk to other than the dog!!! Thank goodness for my computer!!! I have a saying that lives above my screen that says - 'I LOVE my computer because my friends live in it!! So true at the mo.
You get so used to the comings & goings of the household that when they aren't there it feels funny. Jamie & Emma have bought a house and will be moving out early Feb, so I HAVE to get used to it being just Joe & I!!! A whole new era again!!
Well I hope that everyone is staying cool & safe and I'll talk again soon.
luv me xxooxx

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