Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Saturday Night.

Hello everyone of you!!
I've had a wonderful day and night.
First of all I must say how wonerdful it was to sleep with my man last night!!!
He has been away all week (with several more to follow yet) and it was nice to have him home with me.
Ventured down the street to have coffee with friends and caught up with Spud & Kirby too. It was so nice to sit back and just chill with good company.
Finally wondered home and did some washing and a little scrapping. Maria called around for a much needed catch up. I was thinking I must pop around and see her & then the next ting you know, we bumped into one another down the street!! So we arranged a chat this arvo.
My day continued into night and a most pleasant meal at the pub with Helen and co. They were very, very busy but we received good service and enjoyed a lovely meal.
We continued back to Helen's house and had coffee and just chatted and laughed and talked some more. Finally wandered home about 11pm feeling good about the world.
Sometimes we need to have a day off to sit back and relax & enjoy the company of good family and friends. We have to make sure that we take the time to savour such simple pleasures!!
I loved my day and hope that I can enjoy another one very soon!!
luv me xxooxx

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coco said...

well my gorgeous girl, sounds like a great night was had. glad you had such a nice one. We did too. Your hair looks just spunky... i hope i come out on Tuesday with a groovy do. Great that you cuaght up with Maria. We are busy unpacking. We are making real headway in the shed. Only a few dozen to . catch you soon. Maybe tonight on Facebook. Love ya heaps xxxx