Saturday, September 13, 2008

WOW!!!!!!!! I love IKEA!!

What an amazing time we had at IKEA. That shop or should I say wharehouse, is just to die for!!

I found everything I was looking for. Fantastic!! Thanks Susy for letting me in on your"Alex" storage secret. I've now got an "Alex" too!!! NICE!! The flat packs are so easy to put together too. I've got a new catalogue for everyone to drool over!! I'll take it to the shop & leave it there for everyone. ok.

Photo #1 - me at IKEA finally!!
Photo #2 - This is what happens when you put teenagers & trolleys together!!
Photo #3 - My gorgeous hubby - Joe (luv ya babe!!)
Photo #4 - getting the stuff I bought in the car!!!!!

I'll post more later.

luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Hey beautiful... Looks like you should have taken the ute...or maybe a truck to get things home!!! I always leave that place wishing I had more money to buy with, sooooo many handy things and the storage!!!
Anyway when I get round to doing up the craft room / study at least I know where to go!

coco said...

OMG !! Did you travel home like that. Dave would never have let me have the boxes inbetween us!! Lucky Girl. Have fun with your Alex lol. Another man in your life. I have a Tim and you have an Alex. Are we a worry or what?
Well my lovely, catch you soonxx love s ya xxx Coco

susy said...

Knew you would love it, it's the coolest isn't it. Glad you enjoyed it and so quick in getting those photos up,lol. So the meatballs, what did they think?
enjoy alex, chat soon,

Sandie said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes.
Susy........ the meatballs were just fab!! Everyone liked them - even the 'fussy' ones thought they were really good.