Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Scrappin' Nook!

Hello fellow scrappers.

I know that you will all understand how excited I am to finally have my own little scrap nook in my house!!


It looks a bit messy still as I'm still in the process of finding a place for everything - b

ut - I WUV IT!!

I haven't actually 'scrapped' there yet - I can't wait.

I have to go to Adelaide this Saturday, so I'm going to go to IKEA!!

Storage, storage, storage!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'll update photos when I'm a little more together.

Thanks you fellow bloggers for checking my spot.

Bye for now,

luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Look's great honey, it's a nice feeling when you have your own space!! Don't spend too much at IKEA....ok, spend as much as you what you want and have loads of fun!!!

susy said...

So glad you shared your nook. As a fellow nooker (?????) I must say you will love it. Never having to pack a project up midway through is a cool thing. Have a great time at Ikea and don't forget to take photos. Yes sadly I have taken lots of silly photos at Ikea, just ask Tan and Don.
You've inpired me to share my little space, have been meanignto but just never seem to get around to it, maybe because it is always changing so much.