Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flog is the game!??!

Well here we all are - playing that game you call GOLF!! I think we hacked the golf out of it & it was more like flog to us.

And we were the ones getting flogged!!! ha ha

No really we had a great day. It was a Kyby V Naracoorte footy clubs fun golf day last Sunday. Teams of 4 played an 'ambrose' comp. Well we laughed & giggled & walked & talked & ate & drank & had loads of fun. It was that good that we may do it all again another day!!

Our apologies must go to the little golf balls though but then again we didn't hit them too much & we were very proud that we didn't lose one either!! lol

Naracoorte has a lovely scenic golf club & we should make the most of it more often.

luv me xxooxx

1 comment:

susy said...

Sounds like a great day out. So who won, Kyby I hope.