Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun, fun & more FUN!!!

Well hello all you sweeties out there.
yes, it's late & I've just got home but...........
I've had the best night.
I can't say what 'cos sssshhhhhhhhhhh....
it's secret squirrel business!! hee hee hee
But may I say I've had some damn fine fun with some damn fine friends!!!
This is what friendship is all about. Hanging out together & making dreams come true.
Thanks for a great night girls & I'll see you all tomorrow
(or should I say today!!)
Lots of lovin' to you all.
Sleep tight.
luv me xxooxx

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coco said...

Hello My lovely,

Hangin out and making dreams come true is so right. What a success we have had over the last 24 hrs. The shop looks great and the plans to do more sprucing is fantastic. I am so looking forward to working Thursday as the place looks great and I can create over in the corner and not feel on show. WOOHOO! Thanks for the hugs too, and getting my lunch today. You are such a selfless person, kind and loving. xxx I am blessed to know and love youxx Coco