Saturday, September 6, 2008

The cat is out of the bag!!

Good afternoon my sweeties!!
I'm free at last. hee hee!!
Our 'Secret Squirrel' business has now been unvailed!!
Wheeew. I can now talk freely. (it's hard for me not to talk as my friends would know)
Scrap n Patch has had a SPRING MAKEOVER!!!
Come on down & check it out!!!
Thanks to all the girls for helping out to spruce things up.
And like they say in the classics - A change is as good as a holiday.
Well, we may not feel like we've been on holidays but, boy the shop looks FANTASTIC!!!!
I'm sure it has rejuvenated a lot of creativity, so look out - you don't know what may be created now.
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - how exciting!!!!!
Thanks Tan for letting me join in & feel part of this fab shop.
I hope that you all enjoy the pics, but please pop in & check it out for real.
OK my loves - bye for now.
luv me xxooxx
PS - I've now moved all photos to bottom of blogs - don't forget to check 'em out!!


Donna Maria said...

Looks great Sandie....I wish I could have been there to help too....
Can't wait to come and see it for myself!

susy said...

And a great job you did too Madonna, looks great. Not too sure of the 'surprise' photo of me though but I love yours.