Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This ones for you Susy girl!!!

Here are two beautiful ladies!!! I was able to snap this pic when we all got together the other weekend.
Susy was telling me that I HAD to blog!! I haven't have too much to blog about lately and have been a little tired too. (yawn) Anyway, just for you Susy, I remembered that I had taken this pic so decided I would post it.
Gorgeous!!! Plus I wanted to add this. I am soooooooooo going to go here ONE day!!!!!! What a wonderful place to be !!!! You just never know, hey????

Well there we go everyone, I've done it !!! Hope all are keeping well & I am so looking forward to the holidays. Only 3 days to go but who's counting !!! hee hee hee
luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Oh...I love the photo of me and Susy Sandie...Can I please have a copy??!!

Also, AWESOME pic of Paris....When you go can I come too!! Xx

susy said...

You sneaky girl, didn't even know that you had taken it. I'm so glad that at least one person listens to me when I ask them to do something,lol.
thanks sandie

coco said...

Oh Sandy, What a lovely recolection of your walk. I felt like I was there with you. I love the wriggly tree. You havecptured that so well in the photo. The photo of Donand Sue is lovely . SExy things they are. Yummy.Paris is awaiting us my lovely. If I win cross lotto, pack your bags and take some hairy lemon too. Pink bubbles and the Eiffel...PERFECTION !! xx your girl Coco