Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long weekend & other stuff.........

Hello all you beautiful people out there in blog land!!
A long weekend. A time to just take stock a little and breathe. We didn't have too much planned for this weekend and were just happy to chill out at home and be able to do those little things that we never seem to get enough time to do.
We went to Mount Gambier on Saturday. Did some shopping, enjoyed the rain and caught up with some family. It was just a nice pleasant day. We didn't have to be anywhere by a certain time so it was nice not to have to be rushing around.
Today we replaced the laundry taps as they have only been there working fine for ... oh about 25+ years!!! lol They started to drip and we thought it was just a washer but NO!!!!! So now I have nice new functioning, non dripping taps!!! Nice.
I love the fact that we have had some decent rain this afternoon but alas ..... I fear it's because I had my washing hanging on the line!!! BLAST IT!!! Well at least I have an extra day to get it all dry!!! hee hee
I have also done a tiny bit of spring cleaning (if you can call it that at this time of the year!!!).
I also stumbled across a nice little stash of laces and ribbons. I was looking for something in particular and I knew it was in my old sewing box. Aha ....... I forgot I had all this pretty lace in here and it's just what I need for some cards I'm working on. Go figure ...... funny how things work out sometimes.
We are going to Kirby's parents tomorrow for a BBQ lunch. It will be very enjoyable to sit back and share some good food with some great company!! Bring it on I say!!
I just would like to add how proud I am of my friends!!! They are all so caring and talented and fun to be with!! Thanks for letting me be your friend!!!
Well that's it for now.
Stay safe and healthy!!
luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Glad you have being enjoying you long weekend Sandie...Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your lovely comments... coming from my "Naracoorte" friends it really means a lot... Have a FANTASTIC weekend my beautiful friend and see you in 2 weeks!!! Xx

coco said...

hi Sandie,

Don't know what was happening with Facebook last night. Anyhoo i won't be givin up blogging. I enjoy seeing what others are doing and being part of the lives of people I miss so much. We are having a great long weekend. Relaxin, Dave has just gone to get Fish n chips yeah! another meal I don't have to cook. Tom is chillin and I am about to tidy the study... I may not come out for a loooooong time. It is a mess xxx