Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winter Walk.

Hi everyone.
This afternoon when I had finally been able to drag myself away from work, I decided to go and fetch my girl from Jamie's and we could both wander into the coolness and stretch our legs and disappear into a relaxing, mind clearing walk.
Here Chloe discovers something in the grass. What may it be? What does the smell tell of past goers by? I wonder what exactly it is that she can tell from what she has stubbled upon?

Here is my gorgeous girl sitting so pretty for her 'ma'. She makes me feel so alive and loved!! She makes my heart jump and I have to keep telling myself that she is 'just a dog'!! Well that's what everyone else keeps telling me but I have to say - yes - she is a dog but she is MY grand puppy dog! hee hee hee I just love her to bits. She is loving, so gentle and very smart.
This is a small piece of the winter wonderland that I was able to enjoy today. We have had such wonderful rains today and at times even hail. You can certainly not complain about the freshness of the wonderful water falling from the sky. It is so precious and we must enjoy every drop. Looking upon this small catchment of water, I thought how beautiful it was but how quickly it will disappear. I paused to suck in the moment, breathe the clean air and feel the coolness of my surrounds.

The bareness of the willow trees is certainly a sight to behold. There is something about the rawness of the branches, the wriggly form of the tree and the wonderous earthy colours it provides to us. Looking up through the bare branches and twigs to see the brightness of the blue sky beyond is breathtaking!!

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. Some say they hate it and it only brings cold and wet. I think that they are so wrong. Yes it brings rain but there is no life without water. Yes it brings cold but we need to experience the cool to be able to feel the warmth. To me it brings wonderful moments of warmth by the wood fire and hot homemade soups and family and just time to be together. It gives me time to get out there in my environment and enjoy the wonderment of the world and feeling the breezes rush over your face makes you happy to be alive and be able to experience life. Make the most of everything.
Cheers for now. Maybe I'll see you out and about on one of my winter walks????
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Love winter, it's my fave season. I'm very much a water girl.