Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow, I'm a winner!!!!

I was just checking my blog & things & saw that Claudine Hellmuth had picked a winner for her lastest giveaway. I had a look & while her blog was loading I was thinking - I hope I'm a winner ha ha.
Finally it came up & waaa laaaaaa it was me !!!! Woo hoo!!! I won some sticky back canvas.
Can't wait to get it & play!!!
Cheers luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Ohh, how exciting, winning things rocks...

Donna Maria said...

Well done you! Xx

coco said...

wow Sandie, that is so cool. It does help to enter. I have never won anything but will keep on at tim anyhoo.

I got the message about the envelopes, was in the Doctors office and then forgot to reply, slack mole. Looking forward to seeing ya. xxx coco