Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi fellow bloggers out there in blogland!!
Just wondering WHY is life sooooooooooooooo fast?? It never seems to slow down at times. Always something to do, somewhere to go , someone to see, something required of this more soul AGAIN!!!
I wish that we could just stop for a second or two ......and take a breathe revitalize ourselves so that we may carry on again.
Is it just me ??? Or do others feel this way too??? Some may say to me - "But you don't have the boys home anymore!!"
My answer - "No and it's not making a difference in me still being soooooo busy!!!" hee hee hee
I hope that we can all stop and take stock of where we are and who we appreciate and love!! Don't take things forgranted........tell the people you love and cherish that you DO love and cherish them!!!!
Life can be too short and we can too easily get wrapped up in the things that aren't so important really. So , go on - hug someone right NOW!!! you know you can !!!!!!
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

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Donna Maria said...

From me to big hug!! Xx