Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well hello all you beautiful people out there in blog land!!
As most of you are probably aware, I have two spare rooms now. Both the boys have moved out over the past couple of weeks or so. Therefore I am left with two empty rooms - well not really empty but you know what I mean!!
So I decided to keep one as a 'spare bedroom' and the other I would use as a sc rap room. Aren't I lucky!!! Yes indeed. So I have slowly moved my stash over the last few nights and sorting a bit as I go.
This is a view of my new room from the door. This is looking at my table from the other side of the room.
I'm loving my bookshelves that I have moved into this room. I get to display some of my 'pretties' and show off some of my fav equipment!!

This is the one on the other side of the window. Hello Coco!!

This is the built in wardrobe in the room that I have been able to store all my boxes of goodies in. PLenty of room to move and to store MORE!! hee hee

Thank you for joing me in my travels of moving rooms.
Bye for now and take care!!
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Oh Sandie, I am positively green with envy, what a fantastic room, love the built in cupboard.
Shame you can't come tomorrow and fill it with more stuff,lol.
P.S.Sorry about the ditzy message Friday,lol.

coco said...

Wow Sandy, Lucky girl, glad you are keeping a spare room tho, when i come visit you lol. your scrap space is awesome, some big collaes can be done in there with no problem at all. I have a new toy. We got a printer, scanner, photocopier/ fax today. I am trying it out now. If you feel like it send me a fax, i think you have one? anyway my phone number is the line i am using. dunno if it will work, hopefully. 13 sleeps xxx like my photo on the desk too. i am loved..awwwww xxxxxxxxxyour girl coco

Donna Maria said...

Please take this in the nicest way possiable Sandie, "BITCH" soooooooo jealous!!!! Looks really good......Hey boy's when are you moving out????