Saturday, February 14, 2009

First House.

This is Jamie & Emma's new home. It's on Sandstone Ave. They received the keys on Friday and slept their first night there. Today we have been moving ALL their stuff from both parents places. This is the front of their house. This is the back of their house. It needs a little tlc but they are sure happy to give it their own touch.

This is a most glorious gum tree that lives in the corner of their front yard.

Jamie & Emma with the 'sold' sign. They are very excited and proud.

This was waiting for them when they arrived at the house along with a box of goodies too. Fancy having your very own labelled wine!!!! How special is that???!!!!

We are very happy for them and very proud of what they have acheived. We know that they will be very happy in their new home together. Best Wishes.
luv me xxooxx

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Donna Maria said...

That's soooooo exciting for them Sandie, It's a nice feeling when you are just starting have something that's yours!! (well if I can remember that far back!). Xx