Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hi guys!! Hoping that you are all drinking plenty of water and staying as cool as you can. It was nice to have a little relief last night, but then hot again today.
Never mind, we'll appreciate the cooler weather even more when it comes along - I know that I will anyway.
Cruised along to a clearing sale today. Boy was it HOT standind in the sun but I did manage to find some shade for a little while. Think I got a little red!!!
Anyway got the kids a feww good bargans again!! If you're not aware Jamie (my eldest) and his finance are moving into their house in 2 weeks time.
We managed to buy a dressing table and pantry cupboard along with some kitchen goods and odds and ends. Only ended up paying $2.00 for the pantry cupboard and $1.00 for boxes of the other goodies.
It's great when you are starting out to be able to source good stuff for your own home. I know that that's what we did when we were first married!! From memery our first longe suite was $10.00 for 5 pieces. We loved it and it lasted forever!!
So it was worth the little bit of discomfort to get some nice things for the kids again. They are just about set now with everything they need. Just need to MOVE IN!!! Storage at both parents sheds is at a premium!!! lol
Well I'm going to go sit and cool off a bit now!!!
Thanks for checking in and see ya soon.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

You did well braving the heat. Glad that it was worthwhile. We are drinking plenty of water, at the moment the water dispenser is being filled every day and it holds 20 litres, we are positively gurgling,lol.

Sue xx