Friday, October 3, 2008

Talent Galore!

Yesterday Darlin' Kathryn (who was not well - hope you are feelin; much better today) got all of us together to have a picci taken with our wonderful collection of canvas created for the Cancer Council. These canvases have now gone to Adelaide to be placed on display (in Adelaide Arcade) for viewing & then silent auction to help raise money & awareness of breast cancer. We certainly do have some seroiusly talented girls!!
On another note - sadly I shall not be going on the bus trip to Melbourne. (sob sob :( ) Things have come up that just do not allow me to go now, so maybe next time?? Anyway I'm sure all you girls will still have a fab time!! Yeah.
I have been really enjoying the holidays as it has allowed me to scrap & read & do whatever whenever I want to! It's sooo cool to have my nook to hang out in - I can start a project & then leave it if I have to & come back later & it's still all there, ready to go again! I've worked a couple of layouts for the show. My first time ever to exhibit something. We'll see how we go.
luv me xxooxx

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