Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello there again. This is Jamie's dog - Chloe. She is just chillin on the chair as she had such a HUGE weekend & is soooooooooooooooo puffed out!! She went to the in-laws & played with their puppy dog on Sunday & Monday. On Sunday I took her for a walk too (or maybe that was - she took me ha ha!!). So she is just resting today in the very big comfy chair. Half her luck!!
I'm actually very pleased with myself as I have now dusted the whole house!! Yes & it looks good even if I do say so myself!! It's nice to have things nice & clean & fresh. mmmmmmmmmm
I've been to the shop too & just took over AGAIN & rearranged some cards & things. Nice.
ok bye for now & just make sure that you keep scrolling down, down, down, yes that's it - keep on going!!! (that's cos I've talked so much!!)
luv me xxooxx

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Donna Maria said...

Hello You...am a bit disappointed that your not going on the bus trip (totally being very selfish because I wanted to spend time with you) but if you can't go you can't go! Hopefully I will get to see you on the Friday anyway. Xx