Monday, October 6, 2008

Bees, Dandellions, & things.

Sorry for going overboard with the blogs today!! How can so much happen in one day that you want to share with everyone??

Anyway - here I go again -

I was taking clothes off my clothes line & all of a sudden I thought - wouldn't these little dandellions make a great shot!! I took some last year & actually have one hanging in my bedroom on canvas. It looks great. So out I went to take some shots & heard a buzz buzz of a little bee. As you can see in the first pic - Itried to get a good shot of him but he just wouldn't stay still long enough & as I'm allergic to bees - didn't want to upset him too much. OUCH!! So I let him go on his merry way & just took some random shots. Why is it that the simple little things in life are so often the nicest?? Here is this flower that most would consider a PEST but it takes the greatest pics/ Go figure hey!
OK I think that's all from me today although this day is only half done - you never know I may find something else o share yet! hee hee
Bye for now & until next time - farewell.
luv me xxooxx

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