Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's so talented, our COCO!!

Hi everyone!

This morning was spent at S & P doing a 'Christina' workshop.

WOW what fantastic cards were made by us. Christina was the fabulous creator (of course) & we had sooooooooooo much fun doing all these different techniques!!!

Christina made a simpler card with flowers (which is not really her) but it turned out REALLY GOOD as I knew it would. Christina surprised herself & did really like it in the end. It's nice to see the 'teachers' challenging themselves too.

It was a great group & we had so many laughs & so much fun. (Tan had to pull us into line a couple of times as we got a little 'off task' - hee hee)

It's good when you can use Coco's finished design as a template to put your own spin on it. Coco is very caring & attentive to make sure that we are all feeling good & keeping up.

Thank you Christina for your talent & your friendship & for letting us share in the creative world of COCO!!

I luv ya princess!!!

luv me xxooxx


coco said...

Hello Pink22,

Goodness me girl you had me blushing. Thank you for all the kind words. I am glad the class went so well. It is a challenge each class to come up with something new and interesting. I have a particular way of making a card but... I don't wish for people to get bored either. It was a lovely group and the photos of your cards show how talented you are and how you put your spin on it... I just love that when people do that. I just love you too my princess , didnt know u were taking all those other photos. Deary me!!! Take care girlfriendxxxx COCO

susy said...

Oh no, not the two giggling girls together again, did you get put in the naughty corner,lol? Glad the class went well and you all had fun. this is the link
to the page with the info on the class, registration will be on there on the 20th of October(is that when you are in Adelaide, you might be able to resister at an internet cafe or something)Sound like it will be be a good class.