Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swannie & Coco.

Hi to all my wonderful friends.
Well I tripped off to spend a few days with Coco in Swan Hill. I left quite excited at the opportunity to see her and Dave & Tom again.
It was cold & wet but the warmth from being able to spend time with wonderful friends far outweighed any dismal weather!!!
What a welcome & it just feels like home when I am there. Thank you guys for allowing me to feel this way.
Friday we travelled off to Shepparton which is a lovely place. While Dave was at his meeting, the rest of us managed to see the inside of K mart and a fabulous fruit shop & butcher!! (this was after we had done some 'block work' hee hee)
We then proceeded to a .........
yes you guessed it..........
Scrap shop!!!
We looked up on the net the night before & were thrilled to discover a small scrapbooking shop not far from where Dave's meeting was. How fortunate were we!!!
It was a beautifully laid out & presented shop with nice staff. Coco & I had fun browsing around and Tom was an absolute trooper for sitting quietly & patiently while we shopped. Thank you so much Tom!!! On checkout we were lucky enough to be able to choose FREE goodies from the bargain table as a special that started that day!!! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!! How thrilled were we!!!! Woo hoo!!!
By this time Dave had finished his meeting & we grabbed something to eat & headed for home. Stopped off in Echucca & popped into COCO shop!!! It's soooo cute!!!
After a quick pit stop & change, we headed to 'Java Spice' restuarant for our evening meal. Talk about atmosphere!! It was such a gorgeous place to sit & taste the flavours of south east asia.
Service was brilliant & food spectacular!!! We all enjoyed a wonderful meal & some continued on to indulge in dessert while others had a cocktail!!! Mmmmmmm
Talk about spoilt & FULL!!!! hee hee
What a day, we tootled home to sit & relax with a Baileys on crushed ice (my fav!! thanks so much Dave - mwah!!) Coco & I then took a great deal of pleasure in checking out all our goodies we purchased through out the day.
Saturday the boys headed off to footy. Tom was playing & as they say - winners are grinners!! Tom's team won for the second time & Tom took the first mark of the game!!! How proud we were of the boys. Well done Tom!!
Coco & I had a little sleep in & chill. Then we popped on our woollies and ventured into town for brunch. Pleasant enough but now we know why so many of the coffee shop workers wear scimpy tops - it gets HOT & stuffy in there after a short amount of time!!! We were glad to get back out in the fresh air even if it was a bit chilly.
Then the pair of gorgeous princesses proceeded to shop some more & when in Target found some of the most beautiful glasses. Couldn't resist buying a pair each!!!
The boys were already home when we returned, so we all got into the comfies and chilled some more.
Sadly all too quickly my time was up & it was pack the car & leave time!!! :( That's just the worst part!! So in the drizzle, my many bags were placed in the boot of my car, several hugs & kisses were given & received & I hopped into my car to head for home.
Well, what a saga that proved to be!!! I was so busy concentrating on the road and the not so good driving conditions that I took a wrong turn and got lost!!!!!! Bloody hell, not a nice feeling when you are on your own in unfamilar surroundings, it's getting very dark, you're not sure where you are and it's cold & rainy!!! Aaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
I kept on breathing and driving, trying my best to stay cool and calm, but I just had this sinking feeling that I was getting further & further off track. Text messages to Coco & Joe to let them know I wasn't doing too good. Dave - my knight in shining armour - who I would have sqeezed to death if I could have got my hands on him!!!!! - came to my rescue & rang to let me know that if I just kept going I would be alright. I was a little out of the way but nothing too drastic!!! Thank goodness for that. I wasn't sure at all!!! The roads kept getting narrower and I felt that I was so going in the wrong direction!! No road signs to help & it just kept getting darker & rainier!! Then my Joe rang to make sure I was ok, well that was it hearing his voice - I lost it & cried!!! Silly me but it was scary I tell ya!!! I so did my best to keep it all together & I knew I would be ok but it's just getting there sometimes. So then I was able to find a road sign that actually had the word HORSHAM on it & then I knew I was ok!!! I stopped off there for my recovery and a bite to eat. I rang both Coco & Joe to let them know I was there & ok. Talk about DRAMA QUEEN!!!!
Thank you again Coco, Dave & Tom for caring so much & keeping me sane!!! Thanks to Joe for being there for me when I needed you too.
So after all that I made it home about 3 hours overdue!!! Don't ask me what happened or where I ended up but I was ok in the end.
So now I'm home & happy to feel safe & secure!! Silly me !!!
But anyway, thanks to my Swannie family for the lovely stay. I really enjoyed myself. You can't beat great company, good shopping and wonderful food/wine.
Christina sends hugs & kisses to all.
Joe's home on a week's holidays now so we will be busy painting inside I think!!
So stay warm & safe everyone.
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Oh Sandie, what a drama, nothing worse that getting lost in the dark, so glad you had some white nights to save you. so I hope you passed on our hugs to Coco?

Sandie said...

I sure did!!!!!