Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night Roast!!!!

Hello bloggers!
This is Joe getting ready to cook on his new BBQ!! Sorry about the hair!!! He seriously NEEDS a cut and shave !!! We had to pop it in the shed with the cool, wet snap we have been experiencing lately. But gee the shed smelt fantastic all arvo!! He is quite impressed with his new little 'baby'. My mum made him his apron & gave him the tools for his birthday. Thanks mum, they're great! We enjoyed roast chicken, roast lamb and vegetables, followed with chocolate pudding for dessert!!
It was nice to have a lovely family tea on a Sunday night. We got the wood fire burning and enjoy the wamth it provides. The girls thought it was great too, until they had to go home!! Poor things, I wish I could fill their pockets up with heat to take home with them!!
I have sooooooooooooooo been enjoying the beautiful rain we have finally been receiving. With having so little for the year, I am welcoming it with open arms, (although SOME people I've heard are complaining!! Go figure????)
Well I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm figuring that HOT food will be the go this week!! We are down to 4 degrees tonight and only looking at the mid to high teens through the day!!!
So pop on jammies & snuggle up in bed and hopefully listen to more rain falling on your roof!!! Enjoy.
luv me xxooxx


Donna Maria said...

Holy Cow Sandie.....That is one big BBQ!!!! I'm coming for dinner now! I am loving the rain too honey, especially at night when I am snuggled up in warm jamas and Andy! Xx

susy said...

gotta love a man in an apron,lol.
I agree, the rain is lovely. I'm so much a winter person(especialy when I am curled up at home with a fire going)
enjoy your first day back.