Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Weekend.

Hello to you all!!
I've had a great weekend. My friend Helen had to go to Adelaide to pick her daughter Tash up from the airport. She has been in Tewantin QLD for a couple of weeks & was coming on home. Her flight came in about 8.30pm so we headed off for the day. It was nice just the two of us. We left Naracoorte about 10.15am. We stopped at Tinty for a much welcomed cuppa & continued onto Murray Bridge for lunch. We went to Lays pub and had a fab meal. We even popped a whole dollar in the pokies, I lost mine but Helen had a return of $3.00!!!
We hit Adelaide about 3.00pm , so headed to Marion for a movie. We picked - 'Monsters V Aliens' to see, the new kids movie out at the mo. It was fantastic as it was in 3D!!!! Yes we had to wear those silly glasses (it's just as well I wasn't wearing a white jacket as they would have thought I was a nutty professor!! hee hee) but it was fun!! Big kids aren't we???!!! It was just nice to have a bit of harmless fantasy for a few hours.
Then we ventured off to Glenelg for a look at the harbour & walk along the beach front. We came across a few weddings and some very, very long stretch limos. We decided NOT to partake of the 'Lobster Mornay" as we thought that at $100.00 a small plate was a little pricey!!!!! The views were stunning though and this pic below is one off my mobile (not overly clear!). The sunset wa just glorious!! This is just ONE of the many luxury cruisers (best not call them 'boats' hee hee) that were moored at the mariner. I thought this may give Joe an idea of what he may like when he purchases his!!!! (ha, ha in his dreams!!).

By this time we thought that we better head off to the airport to await the arrival of Tash. There we caught a small toasted sandwich and watched other people coming & going. It wasn't long before Tash had arrived and we were collecting her bags. We caught some Maccas for Tash and called into Murray Bridge to see my Mum. We had a quick cuppa & continued on our way to be home at about 1.30am. Not much traffic on the road and good company!!
Spent today just chilling out a bit and catching up with Joe's mum & auntie.
Looking forward to the short week, only 4 days - yeah!!! Then there is Easter and school holidays!!! YES!!!!!! I love my job!!! hee hee
So there you have it for another weekend from me.
Bye for now,
luv me xxooxx

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