Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our day at Robe.

We took a trip to Robe on Sunday. It was an absolutely beautiful day!!! We drove around and checked out some houses that Jamie has helped to build and saw where he 'lives' while working in Robe each week. We had a stop at the wharf/mariner and bought some fish and chips for lunch. This is at the mariner.

Overlooking the bay. I just love these trees. There is something about them being by the sea.
We travelled down to Longbeach and had lunch on the beach. It was just great to let Chloe go for a run and splash in the sea. I think I got wetter than she did!!! We decided to go to the icecream shop for a well deserved icecream. This is Jamie and Emma enjoying their ice cream & shake.

Chloe had a ball travelling in the back of the ute!! She loves going for a drive & soooooo enjoyed being able to get her feet wet in the sea.

We had such a wonderful day!!! On the way home we called into Kirby's Mum & Dad's place for a cuppa. We also got to see the kids as they were there visiting too.
Finally we cruised on home.
So that was our day at the beach.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Sounds like a great day out. Love Robe, we're heading down with the fishing rods on Friday(hopefully) Don't you just love that icecream shop???