Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's that ..... I can't see you ..............

I have been enjoying watching the sheep dogs strut their stuff this week from the comfort of my heated shop window.
This was the view I had this morning .... mmmmmm ..... just a 'little' foggy, hey.
 The trials continued on regardless and as the morn moved on, I swear the fog got even thicker !!! These men and their dogs didn't bat an eyelid & continued to fasinate me with their skill and expertise.Then, you know, before you knew it ....... it was gone !!!
These dogs are certainly born to round up the sheep and their masters are very pleased with their performances [well most of the time. Some get it wrong on the day but hey.... we can all have a bad hair day !!] I enjoyed talking to a few of these fine gentlemen and a pat of their well loved dogs.
It certainly is interesting where I work. You're never quite sure what will turn up next !!
Cheers for now & stay safe & warm.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

A room with a view... Love watching dogs work, specially the border collies, such clever dogs.