Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family time.

We ventured out today for a wood cut. Joe has a new chainsaw as we have decided to cut our own wood again. Both the boys have wood fire places [soon] and with this cold, cold weather lately, we can't kept the wood pile full!!!
 We took Chloe with us of course and being the dog she is ....... LOVES any form of water!!! Here she found this tiny mud puddle .... but it was big enough for her to roll around in and cool off!!! hee hee
 it never matters how old your kids get ...... they still like being a kid and bouncing on the tree limbs !!!
 Oh ...... and LOVE to show off their 'guns' too, hee hee. Thanks Spud for making me laugh.
 And there has to always be a windmill in the picture.
 Oooohhhhhh ..... who's that on the end of the chainsaw ????? It's ME !!!!! Well ..... when you are surrounded with testosterone ... you do have to show them that you can cut it like the best of them !!!! hey !!!
 As we moved along, Chloe did manage to find the best water hole to swim in.
 Everyone had a go on the chainsaw and it made light work of cutting.
We had a great day ..... we all got to have a laugh at the funny things that happen and Chloe got to get wet, play with the ball and hang out with her 'Ma'.
Thanks so much boys for helping us out, we love you both very much. xxx
Well I'll sign off for now.
luv me xxooxx

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