Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I am so thankful for .....

Hi all !!
The other day I posted on facebook that I just LOVED my hubby to pieces !!! Well peoples .... this is why ......
I have been meaning to post this picture for the last week or so but just haven't got there yet, until today.  I thought of this idea for my punches a little whie ago and finally bought what was required and asked Joe to help me put it all together, which he did. THANK YOU so much as it's brilliant !!! Iwas going to paint it but was sooooooooo excited about getting it done and up that I just counldn't wait !!!! hee hee So that will have to come later now. Don't you think it's soooo cool.
Now next thanx goes to our gorgeous SUSY  for helping out with our FLOWER class last week. She showed all how to make this beautiful flower and popped it on a little card. So cute ... and the card too !!!
Thanx Sue, luv ya xxxxx

Next are these fab shoes that I found of all places in Big W !! They cost about $7.30 and I am thankful that I found them, they fit and they are soo comfortable !!

So thanks for sharing with me today. I'm off to footy tomorrow for the Anzac Day clash between Kyby & Naracoorte. Looking forward to a good day.

Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

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