Sunday, January 24, 2010

I survived the sixties!!!!

My bestest friend celebrated her 50th birthday on the weekend.
Phew .... what a party!!! The theme was the 60's, so out came the flairs, big hair, gogo dresses, rainbow colours etcThis is our 'family shot' from an absolutely fabtabulous night!!.Joe Bell & myself.The birthday girl herself - Helen.Spud & Kirby.Jamie & Emma.Me having a ball. I think I've done well to get the tongue to match my outfit!! haa haa And the fab five. Just a small chat about our girl.
We had such a wonderful night & everyone did such a fab job of dressing up. We danced the night away to good ol' music & finished at the night club.
Thank goodness these nights don't happen evry week !!! We woke up feeling really good but I must say the ol' body ain't what she used to be !!! creak, creak, groan.
So I hope you have a laugh at our antics 'cos we sure did.
luv me xxooxx

1 comment:

susy said...

Fabuloooouuuusss darling...
And the top photo gets the vote for tehe best family portrait ever :-)