Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi blogging friends of mine.
Sorry these pics are in the wrong order!! I forgot about the backwards loading thing!! oops
Anyway, yesterday we attended a Kirby's sister's wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and we ahd a great day & night. It was held at the 'Chardonnay Lodge' in Coonawarra. The weather was very kind to us with the ceremony being held outside in the rotunda. The reception was held in the dining room and we were greeted by a warm wood fire burning. Nice touch. We enjoyed a fabulous meal & partied on with some wonderful company. I even ended up being able to have a cuddle with Jerrimia. He is 15 weeks old & sitting with his mum & dad at our table. We travelled home after a beautiful day.
Spud dancing with his mum. What a true gentleman .... he came down to my table & offered his hand to dance. We hit the floor & waltzed (well he tried very hard!!! hee hee hee) the song away. How lucky am I!!!
The happy couple. Sorry about the heads in front. I haven't cropped my pics yet!!! oops.

Me & my buddy!!!! Even though the sky was overcast, it still was abit bright, hence Joe being smart with his sunnies but I forgot mine!!

Before we left home, dressed up & ready to go.

Can I ever get a 'prpoer' pic of this son of mine???? hee hee hee
Just love this one though!!!

Well that's just a quick peek of our day yesterday.
Hope you are all keeping well & safe.
Cheers for now.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Ya'll lookin' very spiffy there miss Sandie.
glad you had a nice time.