Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi everyone. Hoping that all is well with you & yours. I am doiong fine now. I travelled to Mount Gambier yesterday to have an ultrasound on my ankle. I also was treated to a wonderful cortisone injection in my ankle too. Ooooooch!! I have been told that I have severe tendonitis!! Well at least now I know what's going on & it has a name!! I have been in constant pain with the stupid thing, so now I have been treated, it should settle down & be ok!???!! Fingers crossed anyway! xxxxx
Life has been busy at the moment, well, it seems to be like that ALL the time!!! Kirby & Simon have moved into their house now & it was so exciting for them!! I am very proud of both my boys as they have done well for themselves.
The time is drawing near for another wondeful friend to leave us here in Naracoorte - Kathryn. We are going out for coffee & cake tomorrow night for a last hurrah. She heads off on next Wednesday. It will be so sad to see her go, but then we are all planning many a visit, etc!!
Work is keeping me busy too. I have some catering in the town hall next week & just the end of term stuff coming up. I can't believe that we are nearly on school holidays AGAIN!!! You all know what that means ........ that time of the year is getting very close!!
So I hope you all stay healthy & safe. Until next time ......
luv me xxooxx

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