Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hi All!!!
Jamie and Emma went to Adelaide last weekend and I was ever so kind (hard job!! lol) to babysit Chloe. She was an angel to look after and we had heaps of fun together. She did miss her dad though & was very happy when he came to pick her up. Yesterday I did some catering in the town hall for a Limestone Coast Leaders Conference. (school thing) This is a pic of what I served for them for lunch. We did savoury & sweet scones for morning tea & lasagne or quiche for lunch. They could choose from beef or vegetable lasagne served with salad or chicken & asparagus, garden vegetable or ham, cheese & chives quiche served with salad. Got great feedback & everyone so enjoyed having a choice.

This is a page that I created for a friend. We attended her 50th birthday party & had a ball, so I thought I would treat her to a scrap page from the night. She loved it.
And lastly, this is what happens to your arm when you stir homemade pumpkin soup & it spits at you!!!! OUCH!!!

I didn't realise how HOT it was. It splashed up onto my arm & I thought oooooch & wiped it off, not thinking it did any real damage!!! But then it blistered up & this is how it is today. So please take care when stirring hot things!!

So there you have it. A brief run thru of what I've been up to.
Bye for now & take care.
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Owww, poor Sandie, very dangerous soup. Your lunch looked sooo yummy, making my tummy rumble. Bet it was hard to send Chloe back.

Donna said...

Oh Sandie ..Chloe has grown sooo much! Yes, I bet it was hard to give her back!!! Take care of yourself when you are making MY pumpkin soap when I eventually get down for a visit...LOL! Xx